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Friday, September 26, 2003


Faced with the first vote on a comprehensive permit application in Carlisle, after nine months of public hearings, the Carlisle Board of Appeals (BOA) is proceeding slowly and cautiously. At its meeting last Tuesday, the board spent time considering the conditions under which the permit might be given to the eight-unit development known as Laurel Hollow, at 302 Lowell Street. Most of the conditions deal with landscaping issues that were raised by the Planning Board, Conservation Commission and abutters. By law, the BOA has 40 days after the end of the public hearings to come to a decision. The hearings were closed on September 11.

In a telephone interview, Acting Chair Hal Sauer reviewed the anticipated remaining steps before the BOA votes on the permit. At a meeting next Wednesday, October 1, the BOA expects to review a draft of the conditions prepared by Town Counsel Richard Hucksam. The board will "fine tune" the conditions and send the draft to the Planning Board and Conservation Commission for review.

Sauer expects comments to be returned within a week, allowing the board to amend the document at a meeting on Wednesday, October 8. While unwilling to speculate on when the board might vote on the permit, Sauer indicated that the BOA is moving in the direction of granting approval.

Because this is an application under Chapter 40B, the developer has the option to appeal any decision to the state's Housing Appeal Board. Chapter 40B allows developers to bypass local zoning regulations and build higher density housing as long as 25% of the units are affordable. Two of the eight units at Laurel Hollow will be affordable.

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