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Friday, September 26, 2003


Heard Around Town Do you believe in the "Curse of the Bambino?"

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the fortunes of the Red Sox were on the mind of many baseball fans at the Carlisle transfer station. The infamous "Curse of the Bambino" dates back to 1920 when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for $100K. After winning the World Series in 1918, the Red Sox could not reach a long-term agreement with Ruth, and in the 1919 season had only paid him $10K (other notable players were earning $15K). Ruth had hit a record 29 home runs that season, more than any other major team.

After moving to the Yankees, Ruth went on to hit 54 home runs that first year and boosted the team's attendance to 1,289,422the first time in baseball history a home team exceeded one million attendees. The Red Sox have appeared in only four World Series since trading Ruth, losing each one in seven games. Many people attribute the club's weak performance to a curse that Ruth placed on the ungrateful Sox.

Ten people stopped to share their opinions on the curse and talk about the chances the Red Sox have this year.

" I don't know if I believe in it, but it certainly seems like it's going on. I think their chances are pretty good, much better than other years."

" I believe it because I haven't heard or seen the Red Sox win yet. I would put their chances this year at 10%."


"Do I believe in it? Absolutely not, because people do their best and there's no such thing as superstition. I'm a native New Jersey/New Yorker, but I say 'Go, Red Sox!'" [Chiotelis donned a paper hat instead of a Red Sox cap to promote Carlisle School Association gift wrap sales.]

" No [about the curse], I'm an optimist. However, I don't think the Red Sox are going to make it this year."



"Absolutely. We haven't won a World Series since that curse was initiated, so it must be true! I think their chances this year are very good. We have to remain hopeful."


"No, not really, I don't believe in it because I'm notsuperstitious. I don't really follow them [the Red Sox], but I think their chances are medium."

" I don't, because I'm not superstitious. I think the Red Soxwill get into the playoffs but it's on a wild card. From there, I really don't know. I've been catching almost every single game that's televised. I'm not really a baseball nut or a sportsman, but the Red Sox do catch my interest and you root for the home team."


" I don't believe in it. I think it's all a hoax and you've got to have faith in those Boston Red Sox. I want to see them get into the playoffs, and if they stay focused they should do pretty well but they have to keep their 'eye on the tiger' and get over the next seven games."

" I think the Red Sox made a really big mistake and now that they are losing a lot because they sent him [Babe Ruth] to the Yankees. I believe in it [the curse] because the Red Sox haven't won since 1918. They have a good chance to get in the playoffs because they're playing really good."


"I don't believe it's there. I think everyone wants to believe it, and that's the excuse everyone uses when the Red Sox aren't doing well. I think their chances are good to get into the playoffs, but I'm not sure they are going all the way, though."

Late-breaking news

As we go to press late Wednesday afternoon, the Red Sox, after a spectacular come-from-behind win against the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night, are poised to capture the wild card berth in the American League's play-offs.

Even Later Breaking (as if everyone didn't know) Sox won 14 3 and secured the playoff position!

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