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Friday, September 19, 2003


The five men in red suits painting the police station are prisoners from the Billerica House of Corrections, made available by the sherriff's office. The deal is that the station furnishes paint, scrapers and lunch, which is ordered from Daisy's, and the state, upon request, furnishes the labor. The paint job will be completed within two weeks. ...more

What is that thing? Inquiring readers want the Mosquito to identify that curious bronze creature that sits on the bench at the entrance to Gleason Library watching, with seemingly intense interest, the pair of bronze ravens perched tantalizingly within leaping distance above its head. An informal poll among library patrons and Mosquito staff members ...more

Name: Buteo jamaicensis or the Red-tailed Hawk is also sometimes known as the buzzard hawk, eastern redtail, hen hawk, mouse hawk, red hawk, or just plain redtail. "Hawk" is a common name loosely used for raptors in three genera: the Accipiters, the Falcons and the Buteos. Members of the genus Buteo are called Buzzard ...more

168 Great Road, Bedford Shopping Center (next to Bedford Post Office), Bedford, Mass. 1-781-271-9700, ...more

For about ten months of the year, I wait for my favorite vegetable (which is actually a fruit) to appear. I think that garden-fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes are one of the glories of summer. I try to eat as many as possible while they are available. These days, we can buy fairly good tomatoes at any time of year, but in my opinion, the only ones that are truly ...more

If you happen to be walking along the path that runs from Church Street to the library in the middle of a weekday afternoon, chances are you'll eventually come across a pair of new faces. The beaming, gregarious man who is quick to offer a warm greeting is the Reverend Doctor Timothy Ward Jensen. The equally exuberant but less verbal four-legged creature at ...more


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