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Friday, September 19, 2003


Shorts from the RSC, September 9

· Vandalism at CCHS. Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee member Betsy Bilodeau expressed her concern about the recent vandalism reported in West Concord, and at the high school, with "04 rules" or "05 rules" spray painted on signs. She said the investigation is continuing.

· Enrollment. Superintendent Brenda Finn said the current enrollment at the high school was 1263.

· Report of the Facilities Planning Committee. Concord resident Loretta Ho Sherblom presented the report of the Facilities Planning Committee. The purpose of the committee was to assess the needs of all public facilities in Concord, including the Concord-Carlisle High School, and develop a twenty-year maintenance/construction plan. Regional School Committee Chair (and Carlisle resident) Michael Fitzgerald expressed his dismay at the proposed 2011 construction date for the high school. "We can't wait; we have serious problems," he said. Bilodeau agreed. "We have a severe space crunch," she explained, "We have an obligation to let the public know the needs of the high school." Committee member Jerry Wedge pointed out the report does not document the specific maintenance and construction needs of the high school; if the needs were included, he said, the problem with the schedule would be obvious. He recommended the report be amended, but Sherblom explained that the committee has completed the work assigned to them by the Concord Selectmen, and have disbanded. She suggested the school board author an addendum to the report. "From the financial aspects this is a good report," said Fitzgerald, "but from the needs of the school it comes short." Bilodeau agreed. "If you want to maintain a nice school building for quality education, you need to provide the money. Some of the conditions at our high school are embarrassing."

· Next meeting. The next Regional School Committee meeting is scheduled for September 23.

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