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Friday, September 12, 2003


Carlisle School was not spared the mold curse of the summer of 2003. However, a fast response by the school, bringing in a professional mold abate-ment contractor, allowed the cleanup to be completed in time for school opening on September 2. ...more

The bright yellow "No FedEx at Hanscom" signs that sprouted area-wide in late June announced the start of a locally inspired campaign with both short and long-range objectives. The immediate aim, as described in the August 15 issue of the Mosquito, is to convince the Federal Express Company that it will be making a serious error if it initiates major ...more

Anxious to conclude the public hearings on a comprehensive permit application by developer Michael Kenney for an eight-unit 40B development at 302 Lowell Street, the Board of Appeals is allowing only one additional week of comment and recommendations to the landscape plan. Two of the units in the development, known as Laurel Hollow, will be affordable. ...more

To the Carlisle Community: ...more

· Buildings and Grounds. The first Carlisle School Committee meeting of the new school year began with a grounds and facility tour led by Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds David Flannery. ...more

When is a pond not a pond? Answer: when it's part of a river or when parts of it have "riverine characteristics." So, is Greenough Pond a pond? This is the conundrum that two privately hired wetland engineers and six conservation commissioners, one of whom is also a hydroengineer, pondered at Town Hall the evening of September 4. ...more

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) has given a final okay to the delineation of wetland resource boundaries on 70 acres of land on Cross Street between South Street and Bingham Road. Two of the four parcels are currently owned by developer William Costello and two by Laurenston Ward, but Costello was the applicant in all four filings. ...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 · Minutes ...more

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