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Friday, September 12, 2003


Even before I found myself shaking hands with Kevin Richardson of The Backstreet Boys and hobnobbing with keyboardist Greg Hawkes of The Cars, I knew this was not going to be a typical evening in Carlisle. It was the grand re-opening of Blue Jay Studios on Bedford Road, a world-class recording studio that has in its impressive 24 year history attracted such ...more

Recently, a number of changes have been made to the Carlisle School lunch program to improve quality and nutrition and bring the number of purchasers up. Last year, less than 40% of students at the public school bought lunch on an average day. This is well below the 70% to 80% participation other schools have achieved. The result was costs several thousand ...more

On two occasions I sampled the new lunch menu: the first during a special lunch arranged for teachers before school started, the second after roll-out during the second week of school. Both days I interviewed the "experts"for their perspective on the improvements. ...more

This is the second installment in a series of articles featuring the Carlisle Fire Department. ...more

The events leading up to and facilitating the murder of John J. Geoghan while in so-called protective custody are as shocking and dismaying as the murder itself. Having volunteered in three different correctional institutions over the past four decades, I would like to add another perspective to what we might infer from the accounts in the press. ...more

As I look back on the summer of 2003, I've been thinking that my experiences were pretty typical for a student about to enter her senior year of high school. I went to camp (a performing arts camp in Wisconsin), worked (at the Carlisle Mosquito), took a few trips (to Maine and Illinois), looked at about ten different colleges and hung out with my friends. I'll even admit there were a few days when I slept until noon ... more

Name: Meadowhawk, Sympetrum sp. ...more

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