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Friday, September 12, 2003


School Committee initiates seach for new superintendent

To the Carlisle Community:

As you may know, our wonderful Superintendent of Schools, Davida Fox-Melanson, is retiring at the end of this school year. Her departure leaves us with the daunting task of finding a replacement. The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) has already begun outlining a plan to search for a new school leader, and we need your help.

The CSC is in the process of hiring a search firm to help us find appropriate candidates for the position. The search firm will take care of advertising the pending vacancy, soliciting candidates, reviewing the qualifications and backgrounds of the candidates, and assisting in the evaluation and assessment of those candidates.

The CSC has determined that it wants a broad array of perspectives involved in this process. Consequently, we have established a Search Committee to work with the search firm to identify final candidates for the School Committee's consideration. The Search Committee will consist of the following representatives: a member of the CSC, a representative from the Board of Selectmen, a representative from the Carlisle School Association,a representative from the Carlisle Education Foundation, a member of the Carlisle School Administration, one middle school student, a representative from the Carlisle Teachers' Association, a representative of the Carlisle Parents Advisory Committee, and one at-large community member with no children in the school system.

These nine individuals will evaluate candidates, make sure that their constituents are well-represented, organize opportunities for those constituents to meet and question the candidates, and recommend final choices for the School Committee's consideration. While the School Committee will make the final hiring decision, the work of the Search Committee and the groups it represents will be essential in insuring that our new superintendent has the support of the Carlisle community on day one.

I invite any adult citizen of Carlisle, with no children currently in the school system, to submit a letter of interest to be the at-large member of the Search Committee. The letter should summarize the reasons for your interest in the position and your qualifications to represent the community. The School Committee will review the letters, interview finalists, and make a final selection of the at-large member. Letters of interest must be received by October 10.

We expect the work of the Search Committee to begin in late October or early November, once we have the search firm under contract. Send your letters to Peg Lynch, Secretary to the School Committee, Carlisle Public Schools, 83 School Street, Carlisle, MA 01741.

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