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Friday, September 12, 2003


BOA delays 40B vote to review landscape plan

Anxious to conclude the public hearings on a comprehensive permit application by developer Michael Kenney for an eight-unit 40B development at 302 Lowell Street, the Board of Appeals is allowing only one additional week of comment and recommendations to the landscape plan. Two of the units in the development, known as Laurel Hollow, will be affordable.

Members of the Planning Board commenting on the lack of specificity of the final plan, which was submitted to the board on the afternoon of the meeting, would have liked the board to send the plan back to the developer for more detailed information.

Acting chair Hal Sauer commented that this application process was begun last December, and the developer has been "very patient." He reminded the audience that the engineering plans have been peer reviewed, and the reviewer's suggestions have been incorporated into the final plan.

Town Counsel Richard Hucksam told the board that, "Landscaping plans are usually part of a final construction detail, and not part of the process to make a decision[They are] not part of the Board of Appeals mandate."

Planning Board Chair Louise Hara disagreed with Hucksam, citing the necessity of looking at the safety and function of the project. "The landscape is an integral part to hold the detention basin in place." She said. "The better we can guide these processes, the better off we'll be in the future."

As a compromise, the board decided to postpone their decision to close the hearing to give the Planning Board, Conservation Administrator Silvia Willard and abutters a chance to comment on the landscaping plan and make recommendations. There were no abutters present at this meeting.

The next meeting is September 11.

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