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Friday, September 12, 2003

Town Clerk Sarah Andreassen remembered

To the Editor:

I wish to share a story regarding the first time I ever met Sarah Andreassen. I approached Sarah at the town office three years ago requesting information about the requirements to obtain a marriage certificate. Sarah gave me the necessary information and then stated she realized it was difficult to have a bride and groom come to the town office during normal working hours to sign the necessary paperwork. She then took out a scrap piece of paper and wrote her home phone number on it. She handed me the paper and stated that she would be happy to open up the Town Hall on a weekend or evening just to make it convenient for my future bride and me to sign the forms. Sarah went on to state that she firmly believed in the institution of marriage and was pleased to go out of her way to support the process. My bride and I did not have to make Sarah open up the town office on a weekend or evening. But, I greatly appreciated the offer and have repeated the story many times when discussing the merits of small town life. Sarah was a wonderful part of what has made Carlisle such a fine town to live in. She will be missed.

Keith Asarkof
River Road

DPW thanked for fixing Maple Street

To the Editor:

Hooray! Thanks are due to the DPW for repairing the Maple Street culvert. Brook Street residents have already noted a welcome decrease in traffic volume.

Re-opening the street presents a golden opportunity to evaluate the signage at the hazardous intersection of Brook and Maple. Has any consideration been given to possible solutions? Some that come to mind are to have Maple Street traffic yield to Brook Street traffic, or to make the intersection a two-way stop (similar to the intersection of East and Rutland), or even a three-way stop. Anything would be safer than the current situation!

Anne Ketchen
Brook Street

More memories of Sarah Andreassen

To the Editor:

I was surprised and sad to read that Sarah Andreassen passed away in August. Like many people not closely involved with the Town Hall, I never knew she had been ill and couldn't believe she was gone. She always seemed so "with-it" and vital.

I only knew Sarah from my occasional interactions with her at Town Hall over the years, but I knew I liked her. One time she helped with background for a Mosquito article on how Carlisle is one of the last towns still using paper ballots. She knew the election process cold, as you would expect of a Town Clerk, and could answer most questions off the top of her head.

Other times I called to verify a vote at a previous year's Town Meeting or an address for a house for an article. She was efficient and knew the answer or would find out. She had the full, rich history of the town and told me when I did a story on the new paths to be built that as a girl she walked up to the school through a path in a field north of Clark's Farm on Concord Street.

She gave the facts, often with her own special candor and humor. In a time of political correctness, she was not always PC (politically correct) and it was refreshing. I liked her for her honestyit made me chuckle.

You could tell Sarah really enjoyed kids. Once my son was tired of waiting at Town Hall. He lay down on his back on the floor to rest, still wearing his winter parka. "He looks so comfortable. Wouldn't you just love to plop down like that?" she smiled.

I'll miss her ready, encyclopedic knowledge about Carlisle and also her humor, honesty and genuine interest in and caring for the people in town.

Darlene D'Amour
Carroll Drive

Youth Commission chairperson thanks volunteers

To the Editor:

The summer has come to its usual abrupt end and the new school year is already upon us! I hope that all the middle school students are looking forward to this year's series of Friday Night Live. A lot of time is spent by the members of the Carlisle Youth Commission (CYC) in orchestrating these events so that our middle school kids can enjoy a fun night out with fellow students. Please note that Friday Night Live falls on the first Friday in every month · except for January. Watch for notices in upcoming Mosquito and Buzz issues.

It is at this time that I would like to welcome our new incoming members of the CYC, Nicole Bloomfield and Jim Harris. We look forward to having you join our team.

Returning for another year of service in addition to myself are present CYC members, Kim Donovan, Karen Huntress and Mike McSweeney. Thank you for your continued service and dedication.

Finally and most importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing members David Freedman and Lynne Carpenito, whose efforts over the years have meant so much to the success of Friday Night Live. David has spent two years on the commission doing a myriad of different jobs and Lynne has spent three years on the commission as its chair. Your community acknowledges your continued efforts and thanks you for being involved in making such a positive contribution to our town and our children's lives. I know that I speak for all present CYC members who hope we can continue our efforts at the high standards that you have set.

Kathy Hassey
Fifty Acre Way
CYC Chairperson

Where is our cable and high-speed Internet?

To the Editor:

As one of the areas still not wired, all the residents of Martin Street and Cranberry Hill Lane have joined forces and e-mailed Messrs. Rob Travers (Manager of Government and Community Relations), Sean Flynn (Area Sales Manager) and John Fouhy (Director of Sales and Marketing)of Comcastrequesting their supportin theinstallation ofcable and high speed Internetfor both streets/drives and to look at Carlisle as a community,recognizing thehigher- than-average-level of subscriber-shipComcastis experiencing in our town.

Comcast's web site says they "will continue to look to the future and the provision of new communications technology, new opportunities, and more choices, providing people with the communications products and services that connect them to what's important in their lives." It is our sincere hope that Comcast will connect Martin Street, Cranberry Hill Lane and the remaining parts of town to "what's important in our lives."

Angelaand Dana Smith
Martin Street

State payments in lieu of taxes down

To the Editor:

Thank you for the update about the improvements at Great Brook and the impact of the new fee structure (Attendance down at Great Brook Farm State Park, 8/29/03). Clearly, fees always have a major impact on usage so it should come as no surprise that attendance is down. But it may also be helpful for our taxpayers to know that Massachusetts makes an annual contribution in lieu of taxes to Carlisle. While that may sound nice, in our Fee Study report to be presented to the Board of Selectmen soon, it is noted that the state is contributing $136,845 for FY04 which is $56,198 less than FY03 ($193,043) and $128,155 less than FY02 ($265,000). Meanwhile, our town continues to provide excellent services (with no cutbacks) to the state in the form of police, fire, schools (for property tenants), DPW and use of our Recycling Center for trash disposal. Perhaps an added town fee should be applied to the state parking fee or at the very least allowing our town residents free access to parking. Our town recycling sticker could be a simple solution for identifying qualified residents. This decreasing trend is alarming and warrants attention.

Larry Bearfield
Chairman, Fee Study Sub-Committee
Revenue Enhancement Committee

Response to hunting proposal for Great Meadows

To the Editor:

For over 25 years I have lived close to the Greenough Conservation Land, which adjoins the O'Rourke land recently added to the Wildlife Refuge. For most of that time I have been concerned about and impacted by legal and illegal shooting and hunting in all those areas.

In the last few years the shooting has lessened greatly, but for many years, on a Saturday or Sunday, there were often shots from all directions (and over many years no authorities were prepared to do anything about it). If shooting is legally allowed on the O'Rourke land, it will certainly again spill over into other areas. Hunters entering from Maple Street in Carlisle or by boat from the Route 225 bridge might not even be aware of how close they are to many residences in Billerica.

What sense does it make to ban dogs and joggers/walkers and allow hunters on a conservation area? Some people have very traumatic associations with the sound of gunfire. The sound always reminds me of the bullet in the porch wall close to my father's head from a quarter of a mile away when I was a child, the wounding from a gun of my cat on the Greenough Land, the shots over my head from the river bank on the Greenough Land while in my canoe.

Personally, I do not want ever again to be awakened before dawn to the sound of gunfire, aware I cannot walk or boat, and that the birds and animals I love to approach are being killed by humans. Also, this would almost certainly cause nightmares to my animal-loving daughter. Arrows are in some way even worse, as no sound would alert one to keep pets in, not walk or take one's boat out.

Whatever one's feelings on hunting, I believe people can agree that hunting is unsuitable and unconscionable in this populated area, and to make hunting legal where it has been going on so long illegally and only recently diminished, could have very negative results in many ways.

Hope Elizabeth Luder
Edgehill Road
North Billerica

CSA Luncheon volunteers thanked

To the Editor:

Thank you to all of you who helped to make the Fall 2003 CSA Teacher and Staff Luncheon a success. This was due to the efforts of over 90 volunteers who prepared delicious foods, made decorations, and helped with organization, set-up, serving and cleaning up. Thanks, also, to those of you who contributed money to offset the costs of supplies for the lunch. All of your efforts are so greatly appreciated!

If you have not already picked up your serving pieces, please contact Melinda Howe ASAP at 1-978-371-1688.

Melinda Howe
Acton Street
CSA Luncheon Chair

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