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Friday, September 12, 2003


What I did on my summer vacation

As I look back on the summer of 2003, I've been thinking that my experiences were pretty typical for a student about to enter her senior year of high school. I went to camp (a performing arts camp in Wisconsin), worked (at the Carlisle Mosquito), took a few trips (to Maine and Illinois), looked at about ten different colleges and hung out with my friends. I'll even admit there were a few days when I slept until noon. And as I officially bid farewell to summer and get into the routine of the new school year, I've been wondering what other Carlisle high school students did this past summer, and how they feel about starting school again.

Jon Pan, a senior at CCHS, had a summer that was different from mine. He spent his time at a Harvard summer school and helping out with Alzheimer's patients at a Bedford hospital. "It was a great experience, because I'd never really interacted with people who couldn't remember things," he says, labeling the experience as his favorite part of the summer. Not surprisingly, his least favorite part of the summer was staying up late to write essays for his summer school classes. While he already had an amazing summer, Pan also regrets not going on a mission trip to Mexico with his brother and their youth group. "I think that that would have been a great opportunity, and I'm sorry I had to miss it," he says.

Jenn Fantasia, now a junior at CCHS, also had an interesting summer. She spent her days working at Carlisle Recreation, helping out with the theatre performances at the camp. She also went sea kayaking and spent time on the beach, although she does wish she had done more traveling this summer.

Mark Stephens, a senior at CCHS, had a very full summer as well. He worked at Daisy's Market, took a week-long cruise to the Caribbean and went on a number of college visits. "The cruise was definitely my favorite part," he says. The only thing he regrets is not going on a biking trip, which didn't quite fit into his schedule.

Olivia Vienneau, who will be a junior this year at CCHS, had a very eventful summer. She went to Europe with her family for a month, spending time in Paris, Provence, Tuscany and the Italian Rivera.

"We also ended up driving though part of Switzerland, but that was just because my dad got lost," she says.

Vienneau also went to field hockey camp at Bentley College, but has decided that she wants to focus more on dance this year and be a part of the fall musical. She also got her driver's permit, and practiced by driving to the Cape with her father. "It was so much fun!" she says. Also, she worked at Sally Ann's in Concord, went on a trip to New York City to look at colleges and see a Broadway show, and went to a John Mayer concert. "My favorite part was either the New York trip or the John Mayer concert," she says. "I do wish I'd spent more time with my friends that are leaving for college, though," she adds. "Since I spent a month in Europe, I didn't get to hang out with them as much as I wanted to."

Just before the summer was over, I asked these students how they felt about going back to school and getting back into the routine. Not surprisingly (we're teenagers after all), no one was looking forward to getting up early and to doing homework.

"I have to get a certain amount of sleep to function properly, and I like having no set schedule in the summer," says Pan. Even so, he and Stephens were both looking forward to enjoying their senior year of high school.

Vienneau is especially excited about the two school musicals this year. "The musicals are going to be so much fun!" she says, "even if I don't get a big part." She and Fantasia, who are both juniors, are planning to work hard and get involved. "This year is key," says Vienneau.

Personally, I think this year is going to be great. While I don't relish the thought of waking up at the crack of dawn and doing homework, I am excited about starting my senior year, taking a music theory class and participating in the two school musicals. And while school will be great this year, I'm still looking forward to Saturday mornings, when I can sleep until noon.


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