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Friday, August 29, 2003


Kindergarten · MWF at Noon - 2003 - 2004

Bus 1 (Martha)

Westford @Rockland, Westford Rd. 322, Nathan Lane 135, Evergreen Lane @ Carlisle Pines, Curve St. 1075, Hutchins Rd. 133, 321, Kimball Rd. 198, Fiske St. 315, Curve @ Hart Farm, Curve St. 292, Lowell @ Old North, Lowell St. 737, 682, Ember Lane 100, Orchard Acres 70, Elizabeth Ridge 120, School St. 74, 88, 170, Stearns St. 388, 414 ...more

Bus #15

Lowell St #5, 6:37; Westford St cor Rockland Rd, 6:38; Westford St #360, 6:40; Munroe Hill Rd cor Aaron Way, 6:42; Munroe Hill Rd cor Nathan Ln, 6:43; Virginia Farm Rd #81, 6:45; Lowell St #239, 6:49; Lowell St cor Elizabeth Rdg, 6:50; Lowell St cor Litchfield Dr, 6:51; Lowell St cor Hickory Ln, 6:52; Lowell St cor Sunset Rd, 6:53; Lowell St cor Orchard Acres ...more

While they may not actually appear in any Book of World Records, some of the facts about Fire Chief David Flannery's life do seem record-setting in the category of longevity. Born in 1954, he has lived in the same house since he was one year old. He has worked in the custodial department of the Carlisle Schools since he was fourteen, and has been a volunteer ...more

When Carlisle's faithful old Engine 1 · a 1916 Model T · met its unfortunate demise in a rollover accident over seventy years ago, citizens rallied together at Town Meeting and appropriated the sum of $1200 to replace the old fire engine in February 1931. But then-Fire Chief Waldo Wilson thought he could do the job more frugally than that. He ...more

Sarah Andreassen really was "One of a Kind." You could say that she was a "Real Townie" or "One of the Old School," but that doesn't really cover it. Sarah was a true individual. She lived her life on her terms, and she lived every day of it. ...more

Get out your party hat, preferably of the three-cornered variety, out of storage because Carlisle will be hosting a series of events in the next year to celebrate its history. The celebration will kick off on April 19, 2004, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the First District of Carlisle. On February 18, 2005, Carlisle will arrive ...more

Name: Pterophylla camellifolia, or eastern katydid or true katydid. Pteron is greek for wing and phyllo means leaf so the scientific name translates into leaf, winged creature that looks like a camellia leaf. The name Katydid is North American and is the common name for all members of the family Tettigoniidae in which there are hundreds ...more

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