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Friday, August 29, 2003


Shorts from the ConsCom, Aug. 14

· Pony Club brightens Foss Farm landscape. The Pony Club, officially the Old North Bridge Pony Club, came bearing gifts in the form of funds and work hours to improve the Foss Farm riding facilities. Spokesman Molly Springer said that the fund has accumulated monies from registration fees and other activities and wanted ConsCom's approval and guidance on work they thought needed to be done at Foss farm, including placing a sign at the beginning of Fish and Wildlife property, rebuilding and painting the telephone pole jump, painting the fence at the dressage arena and mowing the vegetation that is encroaching on the riding area · a project that ConsCom thought should have been done a year ago. No wetlands issues were involved, but ConsCom, which has custodial responsibility for Foss Farm, expressed their appreciation and support and asked only that the Pony Club furnish a plan of the proposed changes.

· The Ward property. The 50.8 acres of Ward property (as listed in the Open Space and Recreation report), currently owned by developer Bill Costello, lie along Cross Street and South Street. A first step toward development of the property, for ConsCom purposes, is a verification of wetland resource areas. This will determine ConsCom's jurisdiction. John Rockwood of ECO-Tec, prepared the peer review report and presented his findings at the meeting.

The property, divided into five parcels, was inspected by Rockwood and an associate, accompanied by a swarm of bees. They walked the wetland perimeters, looked for vernal pools, noted the steams and culverts, and checked the boundaries, some of which were "impenetrable." Their suggestions were limited to replacement of missing wetland flags. ConsCom expressed appreciation of Rockwood's report and his efforts. They plan to continue the discussion at their September 4 meeting.

· Catch basins. DPW Superintendent Gary Davis discussed installing a catch basin at Heald and Judy Farm Road, within the town's right of way. This was approved. Davis also wanted an additional catch basin at Great Brook Road and Curve Street, which was approved unanimously with the condition that surplus excavated material be moved off site.

· Partridge Lane septic system. Eliot Weisman of Partridge Lane, filed a Notice of Intent to install a septic tank, pump chamber with less than 5,000 square feet in the wetland buffer zone. His map did not have wetland documentation and the hearing was continued until September 4.

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