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Friday, August 29, 2003


ConsCom hears peer review report on Lowell Street 40B

A number of neighbors, abutters, and other Carlisle residents vied for seats at ConsCom's August 14 meeting to hear the peer review report on plans for the Laurel Hollow development at 302 Lowell Street.

As Carlisle's first 40B comprehensive permit application, the Laurel Hollow proposal for an eight-unit development, including two affordable units, continues to elicit thorough attention from the town committees. Their joint concerns generated a recommendation for a peer review of the Stamski & McNary-submitted plan. The review, dated July 3, 2003, was addressed "to all of the concerns raised by the Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Planning Board and Board of Health" by Jesse Johnson, project manager for the review at David E. Ross Associates, Inc., the consulting firm chosen for the review.

Johnson began by commending Stamski & McNary for "a thorough job," but offered a number of very specific recommendations and suggestions regarding calculations and plan detail. Many of these were related to storm water drainage and the consequent impact on neighboring wetlands and the possibility of runoff onto Lowell Street.

George Dimakarakis, representing Stamski & McNary, indicated that a number of Johnson's recommendations had already been incorporated in the plan. One of Johnson's recommendations related to snow storage provisions that would keep the melt in the drainage basin. This led ConsCom Chair Tricia Smith to question whether the ConsCom can levy fines and whether enforcement issues should be included in the conditions set by ConsCom. For example, if a snow is not plowed into the designated storage basin and there is runoff of the melt, responsibility for that event would be built into ConsCom's conditions

The Laurel Hollow hearing was continued until September 4.

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