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Friday, August 29, 2003

Town Clerk Sarah Andreassen remembered

To the Editor:

I wish to share a story regarding the first time I ever met Sarah Andreassen. I approached Sarah at the town office three years ago requesting information about the requirements to obtain a marriage certificate. Sarah gave me the necessary information and then stated she realized it was difficult to have a bride and groom come to the town office during normal working hours to sign the necessary paperwork. She then took out a scrap piece of paper and wrote her home phone number on it. She handed me the paper and stated that she would be happy to open up the Town Hall on a weekend or evening just to make it convenient for my future bride and me to sign the forms. Sarah went on to state that she firmly believed in the institution of marriage and was pleased to go out of her way to support the process. My bride and I did not have to make Sarah open up the town office on a weekend or evening. But, I greatly appreciated the offer and have repeated the story many times when discussing the merits of small town life. Sarah was a wonderful part of what has made Carlisle such a fine town to live in. She will be missed.

Keith Asarkof
River Road

An open letter to all students in grades 5-8

During the past several months, the food service department has been hard at work creating an improved School Lunch Program with you specifically in mind. This means you will see some significant changes in the lunches offered to you this year. Along with the traditional menu offerings you will find:

· Fresh Sal's pizza available every day as a lunch choice.

· Fresh made-to-order cold subs available every day as a lunch choice. The selection will include turkey, ham and cheese, and Italian cold cuts and several others, topped with your choice of lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, hot peppers, and assorted dressings.

· A hot sub or salad choice every Friday added to the menu.

· A special entrée will replace the traditional menu item several times a month on Wednesdays. These will be posted monthly in a special middle school menu flyer.

All of these items will be served with milk, a daily vegetable and fruit selection, as well as the dessert of the day. All items must be purchased as a complete lunch for $2.00. Items will not be sold a la carte.

Here is where you can help. To make this new program work, we are going to have to work together. We will need your patience and understanding during the initial start-up period when we may experience some product shortages. We will need a lot of feedback from you, as we want to make this your program. Please tell us what you would like to see on the menu (a suggestion box will be available or just mention your ideas to any one of the cafeteria staff). Together we can make your lunch program something we all can be proud of.


The Staff of the Carlisle School Food Service Department

Contact information for cable access requests

To the Editor:

The Comcast Cable Network does not reach 15% of Carlisle homes. These areneighbors who in many cases have asked to be hooked up for several years.We hope that these Comcast orphans will join together in an effort to encourage Comcast to finish the Carlisle cable network.Sean Flynn at Comcast said the decision about our getting cable and high-speed Internetwill be made by Steve Hackley, a VP at Comcast. I was told that if a work order was signed we wouldbe connected to the Comcast network in about two weeks.

Rob Travers is a representative from Comcast who spoke to a group of Comcast orphans at the town meeting.Since he was not aware that we were Comcast orphans, he spoke of the wonders of Comcast to the people who feel that they will never be able to share them.We were disheartened.

Many Comcast orphans, and I hope some fellow Carlisle residents who believe that ALL people in Carlisle should have at least the choice ofhigh-speed Internetand other Comcast products available, should contact Comcast withpolite follow-upencouragement for "hooking up" the orphans.Here is the contact information for the various folks at Comcast:our Carlisle liaison:Rob Travers, Manager of Government/Community Relations, Comcast, 4 Lyberty Way, Westford, MA 01886, 1-978-692-1906 x2052, (e-mail). The information on the two managers who I metwith:John S. Fouhy, director of sales and marketing, 1-978-692-1906 x2006, fax 1-978-692-9772, pager 1-888-397-1092, e-mail: John_Fouhy, and Sean Flynn, area sales manager, 1-978-692-1906, x2013, fax 978-369-8628, e-mail: .com. Both are in the Westford office on Lyberty Way. As I noted, Sean Flynn seems to be the one person who is pushing for us.

Sally Lakness
Cranberry Hill

Dogs should not be banned from Carlisle's Great Meadows

To the Editor:

After reading about the new conservation plan for the Great Meadows wildlife refuge, I immediately sent off an e-mail to to add my two cents about the potential threat of banning leashed dogs at the Great Meadows. I moved to Carlisle three years ago from California. I was a big walker and hiker in northern California, and I wanted to find a place of equal beauty and solitude. I definitely found it at the Great Meadows. At least once a week-day and once a weekend, I spend an hour walking Great Meadow with my two-year-old golden retriever, Henry David. It is a place of great spirit and peace. I am horrified at the thought that dogs may be banned from Great Meadow in the new plan. Henry has walked this refuge with me since he was five months old. He is leashed at all times, and well-behaved, as are the majority of dogs we've run into during our walks. Granted there are some irresponsible dog owners, but on the whole, the majority of us just want to enjoy exercising and enjoying the scenic and spiritual beauty of the Great Meadow. To take away a safe and special place like this from so many of us seems drastic and, I admit, unfair. During a time when the news media speaks insistently about an obesity problem in America and our need to find more places to walk, the idea of taking away a magnificent walking haven seems wrong.

There are many, many responsible, caring dog owners who are good about exercising their dogs as well as themselves. Many dog owners are careful about picking up after their dogs. As far as dogs scaring the birds (as read in the Globe newspaper article,) I can honestly say that I have never seen a goose or a duck or an egret skitter away because I'm walking with my dog. Human beings can be much more threatening to these wildlife! If you feel the same way I, and many other dog lovers feel, please e-mail your comments to

Pamela Wight
River Road

Newspapers should not censor

To the Editor:

Greg Wayland's July 18 Forum article generated two troubling letters to the editor. Both letter writers criticized the Carlisle Mosquito for printing an opinion piece that opposes same-sex marriage. One writer said, "I hope that future articles express more acceptance and compassion . . ." The other stated, "I hope that, in the future, the Mosquito's editors will take greater heed of who comprises our community before running one-sided articles that take aim at, and make feel unwelcome, any members of our community."

Implicit in what both writers are saying is the idea that it is acceptable to write articles that express one type of view but not another. Moreover, the writers seem to suggest that supporting same-sex marriages isn't just a personal position, but is, in fact, a matter of goodness. The conclusion apparently is that since Wayland's heart isn't filled with goodness on this issue, the Mosquito shouldn't publish his article. I would suggest that one person's compassion, morality and sense of fair play are another person's ungodliness, short-sightedness and lack of judgment. That is what makes human discourse, not to mention an exchange of views in the press, both stimulating and a precious freedom to protect.

Newspapers that censor views are typically run by dictatorships where freedom of the press is nonexistent. Opinions voiced in America's free press are one reason why many injustices · including those perpetrated against gays, by the way · are being righted.

I may not agree with Mr. Wayland, but I want to hear what he has to say, and I defend the Mosquito's policy · indeed, its obligation · to print his words.

Steve Kendall
Cross Street

Last call for comments about dogs on O'Rourke Land at Great Meadows

To the Editor:

Thanks to Carlisle Conservation Commissioner Sylvia Willard, Carlisle was put on the alert for potentially losing the ability to walk their dogs, even on leash, through the now USFWS-owned O'Rourke lands. Many of us attended the various information meetings and are in the midst of writing comments and reactions to this recommended change per the new 15 year plan. As was mentioned in the last issue of the Mosquito, this also extends to jogging and picnicking. The comment period ends on Sept. 3 so please get your comments in · see end of letter for address/e-mail.

There are a few key points I want to highlight as ideas:

1) Each property is unique. The O'Rourke land is small, close to homes and beloved by dog walkers.

2) When I have walked the River Loop which goes from Foss Farm, through the O'Rourke Land, into Greenough Land, back into O'Rourke Land and back again in to Foss Farm, I'd estimate that 90% of the people I meet are dog walkers. The USFWS estimates dog walkers are 20% of users, and are using this number to make decisions.

3) I personally would never have encouraged the town to turn over such a prized area if I knew they were then going to ban me from enjoying the trails. I feel bamboozled.

4) Many women I know would never walk in the woods alone without a dog · in this day and age, it isn't safe. By banning dogs, you essentially ban many females who wish to walk quietly alone and enjoy the outdoors.

Please comment! E-mail is to . Please refer to Eastern Massachusetts NWR Complex in the subject line and for snail mail Lindsay Krey, Planning Team Leader, US Fish and Wildlife Service, 300 Westgate Center Drive, Hadley MA, 01035. Public comment period ends on September 3, 2003!

Judith Asarkof
River Road

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