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Friday, August 15, 2003


Anyone interested in observing the planets at their best should not miss the present opportunity to view Mars. On August 27, Mars will be closer to Earth and brighter than any other time in recorded history. But don't be fooled by media hype into thinking this is the only date worth viewing. In fact, for the remainder of August and all of September, Mars will ...more

As I sat down to interview retiring Vice Principal Henry Damon in late July, we recalled that our sons had gone to the high school together, played in the band and had graduated in 1986. Now I was at the school to learn about Damon's experience at Concord-Carlisle High School over the past 34 years. ...more

What do you get when you combine teenagers with senior citizens and Carlisle Summer Fun? It's the newest Carlisle Recreation Program called Workreation. The program was designed by Recreation Co-Directors Cindy Nock and Jan Deyoe to achieve several objectives: Bring teenagers and senior citizens together, share a skill, and use that skill to give ...more

Teenagers across the country, including those in Carlisle, had trouble finding jobs this summer. Jen Morse, a recent CCHS graduate who will be attending Harvard this fall, was lucky enough to be working at Kimball's Ice Cream stand (partly by virtue of the fact that she has worked there for the past three years), but she says some of her friends have not been ...more

The six-week program, supervised by children's librarian Marty Seneta, concluded with certificates, awards and parties. A grand total of 83,274 pages were read by third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders. Special book prizes were awarded to third-grader Anna Kolstad and fourth grader Allaire Langdon in recognition for their reading. Lucky book prizes went to ...more

Name: Strobilomyces floccopus or Old Man of the Woods, or the pinecone mushroom. Strobil- means pertaining to pinecones; flocc- means wooly; -pus means foot, stalk or base; and of course myc- means fungus. So, this is a wooly-stalked fungus that looks like a pinecone. "Old Man of the Woods" is an apt poetic and memorable name. Even ...more

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