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Friday, August 15, 2003


Carlisle real estate due for revaluation

Sometime in mid-September, most homeowners in Carlisle can expect to receive notification of property revaluation. Periodic revaluation is required by law, and new values are based on selling prices of comparable homes within the past year.

Town Assessor John Speidel notes that property values in Carlisle have increased on average 60% since the last revaluation, and "not too many homes are at market value in this town." While some homeowners may be shocked by the increase, they can comfort themselves that "higher assessments mean the tax rate drops, so the tax bill may not change."

Speidel fears that revaluation can be "a political hot potato," and points to Concord whose recent revaluation generated controversy that led to the resignations of the town assessor and five members of the board.

A future article in the Mosquito will detail Carlisle's assessment procedure and provide an update on the revaluation.

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