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Friday, August 15, 2003

HANSCOM AIRFIELD FIGHT GOES NATIONWIDE. Opponents of Hanscom Field expansion are challenging Federal Express from bring major cargo into New England's second busiest airport. See article on pages 10 and 11.
About 250, or 16% of the roughly 1,600 houses in Carlisle, remain without cable access after Comcast finished upgrades to support high-speed Internet service this past spring. Many of the un-wired households desire cable access but have been unable to obtain it from Comcast. At the July 29 meeting of the Board of Selectmen, residents shared their frustrations ...more

As a new Concord-Carlisle Regional High School administration works to prepare for a school year starting in less than a month, the challenge is aggravated by the ongoing struggle to arrive at a final budget for the current school year (FY04). "We're still maneuvering in the dark," says Regional School Committee Chair Mike Fitzgerald. "This ...more

Anyone interested in observing the planets at their best should not miss the present opportunity to9 view Mars. On August 27, Mars will be closer to Earth and brighter than any other time in recorded history. But don't be fooled by media hype into thinking this is the only date worth viewing

Mars as seen by the Hubble telescope.


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