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Friday, August 1, 2003


Reds win CCYB's Major League title

The Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball (Little League) Majors Championship game was played at Emerson Field on June 21, with the Reds defeating the Red Sox, 9-2.

The game started off with some strong offense by the Reds. Swift-footed lead-off hitter Peter Jones got on board with a walk. Sam Petrie slammed a line-drive single and the run scored. Brad MacHaffie, with an 0-2 count against him, let loose a thrilling blast over the chain link fence for a two-run homer. Peter Andersen and James Smith battled for two more walks. Then clutch hitter Billy Crosby hit a 2 RBI double to give the Reds a 5-0 lead at the end of the first.

Pete Castrichini pitched with heat for the Reds. Red Sox Brendan Hecht with his quick hands connected for a single. He never got past first as Castrichini shut down the next two players to end the inning.

In the second, with two outs, the Reds began to threaten again. Peter Jones banged out a double and Castrichini hit a RBI single to score him. It looked likely that Castrichini would score, too, when Sam Petrie lined a hard hit drive to right. But he was robbed by Hecht who, with a dramatic snow-cone catch · the force of which sent him rolling over on the ground · stood up and raised his glove to show that he still had the ball.

The Red Sox battled back in the second. George King and Alec Shanahan led off the inning with two singles each. The runners were advanced by Evan Taubes' ground-out at first. Then Michael Artinian hit a towering double to the gap between left and centerfield to score two runs. The next two batters were shut down to stem the Red Sox offensive.

In the third, the Reds' bats didn't stop. Brad MacHaffie came through with a double and Peter Andersen a single, but strong defense by the Red Sox got MacHaffie out at home, Peter out at second, and snagged Crosby's fly ball to center field.

In the Red Sox third, lead-off batter David Guertin worked his way on with a walk. Brendan Hecht battled for another single, but the next two batters were shut down by Reds pitcher James Smith's fast ball, and Guertin was thrown out at home to end the Red Sox threat.

In the next two innings, the unrelenting Reds managed to score three more runs. In the fourth, Castrichini hit an RBI triple deep into centerfield and managed to score on a Red Sox error. In the fifth, MacHaffie doubled, going 3 for 3, and made his way home on steals. Hardthrowing pitching by Smith and MacHaffie kept the Red Sox from closing the gap, although Giles Pettingell got on board in the sixth with a single. Red Sox pitchers King, Kinlan, and Petingell also threw hard and pitched well · but the day belonged to the Reds, whose bats were on fire.

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