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Friday, August 1, 2003


BOH scrutinizes septic requests

On June 19, the Board of Health (BOH) considered four waivers for septic system installations requiring repair, and entertained a request for a waiver for testing a new installation.

39 Baldwin Road

Engineer Joe March from Stamski and McNary explained that the Petrie property on Baldwin Road needed to have the septic tank replaced. The tank had been damaged by recent construction and was cracked around the top.There is no evidence of leaching field failure.

The plans call for replacement of the tank in the same place as the damaged tank. This will require waivers for the well distance, which is 51 feet from the distribution box and 57 feet from the well. Current regulations require 100 feet. Water testing of the well has shown no problem. The two BOH members who were present voted to grant the waiver.

259 South Street

Ron and Eileen Nardone reported a Title 5 inspection failure of their current system, performed prior to expanding their house. There are two septic tanks, one 600 gallon and one 1,000 gallon with separate leach fields. A contractor found that the small system was in failure. This system was only supposed to serve the bathroom above the garage, but apparently all the flow from the house was going into the small system.

March, also the engineer on this project, explained that the new addition would not increase the septic flow. A new tank would be used for a single system and would be sited in the same place as the existing tank, but would be closer to the cellar wall than permitted by Carlisle regulations. The new system required three waivers:

· Distance from the septic tank to well of 63 feet (100 feet is required by Carlisle, 50 feet by state Title 5 laws).

· Distance from the septic tank to wetlands of 87 feet (100 feet required).

· Distance from the leach field to the cellar wall of 9 feet (20 feet required).

With no objections from abutters, the board granted the waivers.

203 Peter Hans Road

Engineer David Schofield explained that the lot on 203 Peter Hans Road with a failed septic system is sur-rounded by wetlands and the soil is sand and gravel. The new leaching field will be in two parts, which straddle the failed field.

Frado said that he is concerned with the breakout area being too close to the house. Schofield countered that the soil is so porous that there will not be much drainage toward the house. The board voted to grant a waiver for a setback from the system to wetlands of 67 feet, on condition that Frado okays the final drawings

106 Concord Street

Engineer Paul Kerry explained that the design for a new system at 106 Concord Street will use a pump chamber and tank system to pressure the leach field for better operation. The design requires a deed restriction for no garbage grinder and waivers for a seven-foot four-inch setback from Concord Street (10 feet required) and a setback from well and wetlands of about 60 feet (100 feet required).

Bedrosian felt that perhaps Kerry should come back to the BOH as there were still a lot of issues. Frado explained that the system was really shoehorned in to keep the well setbacks as great as possible and felt that the board should grant a conditional approval pending verification of well locations of the owner and abutter. Conditional approval was granted.

1174 Bedford Road

Attorney John J. McKenna made a hardship appeal for owner Doris Grant who had canceled an April ground water test, not realizing that the test was time-sensitive.

Frado said that soil on the land is in an outwash for the Concord River and is excellent for a septic system. "You don't find that great a soil in Carlisle," he said.

A potential buyer for the property explained that without the septic permit he could not get a bank loan.

The BOH does not grant waivers for new construction, but will grant waivers for repair of an existing failed system. Since this is new construction, the request by McKenna was denied.

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