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Friday, August 1, 2003


Shorts from Historical Commission

· School Street house addition. Philip Lotane of 74 School Street appeared before the Historical Commission meeting on July 22 to seek approval for a family room addition and new deck at his home. He presented drawings of the plans and photographs of the existing house. Commissioner Barry Ganek noted that the selection of windows will be an issuethe Commission's concern is any windows that would be visible from the street. The Commission requested specifications on windows, doors, exterior lighting and landscaping and approved the drawings of the addition and deck.

· Coldwell Banker sign. In a long-standing matter, Don Reed of Barlo Signs was given approval for a new design for the Coldwell Banker sign at the real estate office in the center. The original designs presented to the Commission were unacceptable and the Commission requested changes in color and dimension. Coldwell Banker complied, and the approved design features a white background with blue lettering. The design now matches the Fleet Bank sign next door.

· Certificates of Appropriateness. The Commission discussed imposing a $30 application fee for Certificates of Appropriateness. The income would help defray expenses such as newspaper ads for public hearings. Members approved the $30 application fee, adding that the fee will be waived for materials under $200. The waiver is directed toward small items such as window boxes, mail boxes and signs.

· Demolition delay bylaw. The Historical Commission is in the very early stages of drafting a demolition delay bylaw for Carlisle and discussed various strategies for defining structures in town that are subject to demolition delay.

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