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Friday, August 1, 2003


Maple Street repairs almost completed

Fourteen months after a culvert on Maple Street collapsed, making the road impassable to all traffic, repairs are nearing completion. On Wednesday DPW Chief Gary Davis told the Mosquito that he expects the roadway surface to be paved some time next week.

Why did it take so long?

Why did it take so long? "It was mainly the weather," said Davis, referring to the very early onset of winter and the exceptionally wet spring.

"My sense is that we were trying to do it ourselves at low cost, and this required low water," said Selectmen John Ballantine. It could probably have been done faster, he continued, "but it's probably $20,000 every time you bring [an outside contractor] in."

"It's never fast when you work with town government," said Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, citing the many sequential steps required to complete a municipal project, including allocating resources, contracting engineering studies, obtaining Mass Highway and Conservation Commission approvals, waiting for delivery of the precast concrete culvert. In addition, McKenzie reminded, the weather and the beavers did not cooperate. The beavers? Some industrious beavers have been damming the stream below the culvert, raising the water level and impeding progress.

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