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Friday, July 18, 2003


Selectmen authorize town government appointments

At their June 24 meeting, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen handled a large number of appointments and reappointments to town committees and other positions, shown below. Terms of appointed town officials expire at the end of the town's fiscal year on June 30.

For insurance purposes, the Selectmen reclassified the position of fire chief to less than 800 hours a year, and designated the position as a "special municipal employee."

Three-year appointments, expiring June 30, 2006

• Board of Registrars: Deborah Boule.
•Council on Aging: Natalie Ives, Jean Sain, Jim Elgin, Verna Gilbert.
•Household Recycling Committee: Robert Wallhagen, Dan Scholten.
•Personnel Board: Doris Jafferian.
•Recreation Commission: Mark Spears, Michael Brophy as an alternate member.
•Trails Committee: Verna Gilbert, Robert Eaton, Marc Lamere.
•Youth Commission: Nicole Bloomfield, James Harris.
•Zoning Board of Appeals: Terry Herndon (Selectmen reappointed on July 10)

Two-year appointments, ending June 30, 2005

• Cultural Council: Jennifer Brock, Ann Carr.
•School Building Committee: Steven Moore, Paul Morrison, Bob Pauplis, Christie Barbee, Daniel Cook, Peter Stuart.

One-year committee appointments, ending June 30, 2004

• Celebrations Committee: Norman Fredkin, Barbara Culkins, Judy Larson, Douglas Stevenson, Rev. Thomas Donohoe, Rev. Keith Greer.
•Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee: Wayne Davis, David Kelch, J. Thomas Brownrigg, Kenneth Harte, Eunice Knight, Nick d'Arbeloff.
•Financial Audit Group: Madonna J. McKenzie, Timothy F. Hult, M. Lawrence Barton.
•Long-term Capital Requirements Committee: Lenny Johnson.
•Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee: Heather Hedden, Gwyndaf Jones, Tim Eliassen, John Bakewell, Arthur Millikin, Darragh Murphy.
•Senior Tax Program Committee: Nadine Bishop, Susan Evans, Elizabeth Jewel, John Speidel.
•Wireless Application Advisory Committee: Eric Blum, David Keast, Fontaine Richardson, Paul Gill.

Other one-year appointments

• Animal Inspector: Sally Lakness.
•Building Commissioner, Inspector of Wires: Robert J. Koning.
•Assistant Building Inspector: John Minty.
•Assistant Electrical Inspector: Vincent Chant.
•Gas/Plumbing Inspector: Joseph T. Green.
•Well and Pump Inspector: Ralph Metivier.
•Fire Chief: David Flannery.
•DPW Superintendent: Gary Davis.
•Police Chief: David Galvin.
•Police Lieutenant: John Sullivan.
•Chief Dispatcher: Michael Taplin.
•Dispatcher: Brian Skinner, Pamela Harron.
•Police Sergeant: Leo Crowe, Kevin Cardonne, Thomas Whelan.
•Patrol Officer: Richard Tornquist, Steven Mack, Debra Saponaro, Scott Barnes, Michael Burgess.
•Special Police Officer: Steven Otto, Mark Shofield, Michael Taplin, W. Royce Taylor IV, William Burgess, William Ahern, Andrew Booth, Paul Smith.
•Cell Matron: Pam Harron.
•Constable: Joseph R. Connell, David Muscovitz, John Sullivan, Scott Barnes, David Galvin.
•Dog Officer: Robert A. Dennison.
•Fence Viewer: Lawrence Sorli.
•Field Driver: Deborah Toher.
•Keeper of Flag: Barbara Culkins, Kimberly Ratcliffe.
•Keeper of Town Clock: Robert Koning, Jr.
•Veteran's Agent: Kenneth Buffum.
•Finance director, Procurement Officer, Personnel Director: Madonna J. McKenzie.
•Acting Treasurer and Tax Collector: Linda Boucher.

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