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Friday, July 18, 2003


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, June 8 and June 24

· Clark Farm CR. "For many years we've been looking forward to having the Clark Farm protected, and this is fantastic," said Selectman Doug Stevenson as the board formally approved two conservation restrictions (CRs) on approximately 64 acres of land located between Concord Street and School Street. Dorothy Clark and Cheryl Sanfilippo granted a CR on almost 10 acres around and behind the scenic Clark farmhouse and barn. Grant Wilson granted a CR on about 54 acres of contiguous land, and also granted public access to a trail to be constructed between the two peripheral roads. The CRs will be finalized once the state's Executive Office of Environmental Affairs signs the documents.

Selectman Vivian Chaput said, "I want to thank all the people who have been involved in this for so many years, including Dot Clark and Grant Wilson, and the people on the CR committee." CR advisory committee member Greg Peterson also thanked George Foote for his work over the years to help preserve Clark Farm. (For more information on the preservation of Clark Farm, see CCF celebrates conservation of Clark Farm, June 20 issue, page 1.)

· Site plan for 43 Bedford Road approved. Selectmen approved the application of Francene Amari-Faulkner to renovate an existing barn into office space. The board found that the re-use of the barn would not have a "significant deleterious impact" on the neighbor-hood, on "rurality perceived by the pas-serby," or on traffic.

The board postponed a decision on Amari-Faulkner's request for a waiver of the associated fees, pending a general review of the fees for Selectmen's site plan reviews.

· Personnel Policies. "This is a huge accomplishment." said Selectman John Ballantine when the board received the completed policies document prepared by the town's Personnel Board.

Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie noted two areas where town employees have suggested the new policies might be improved: benefits for part-time employees, and an issue with vacation time. There has been a request to have benefits given proportional to the number of hours worked. Currently, employees who work less than 20 hours per week receive no benefits. McKenzie also said that some employees will have to use up saved vacation time, because the new policy does not permit as much vacation time to be carried as in the past.

· Committee eligibility require-ments. On June 24, McKenzie asked the Board of Selectmen to loosen the requirement that people who serve on town committees be registered Carlisle voters. This requirement disqualifies town residents who are not U.S. citizens, as well as committee members who move out of town. The selectmen made no decision, but asked McKenzie to review the committee handbook in case other changes should also be considered by the board.

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