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Friday, July 18, 2003


Fix fire alarms or face $300 fine

After surveying 54 towns in the state, Carlisle Fire Chief David Flannery sent the Board of Selectmen a proposed revision to the fees charged by the fire department. The Selectmen voted to approve the new fees at their July 8 meeting.

One significant change noted by the Selectmen is a new $300 fine for homeowners who generate three or more false fire alarms within a calendar year. False alarms are typically generated by automatic home fire alarm systems, and the fire department responds to over 60 false alarms each year. Selectman and Fire Department member Doug Stevenson said that the fine is "very punitive," but would not be used often. Letters are sent to homeowners after two false alarms, and most people repair their alarm systems.

Fees were not changed for ambu-lance services and open burning permits will remain free of charge. Last year 936 open burning permits were issued.

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