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Friday, July 18, 2003


River Road tree-cutting violation still not resolved

At the July 8 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Selectmen, Selectman John Ballantine inquired about the status of the tree replanting plan on the town-owned land by the corner of River and Bedford Roads. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie said that the replanting had not been done, and the check for $4,000 from Joseph Campagna may have expired, since the town received it about six months ago and did not cash it.

In November 2001, Joseph Campagna cleared trees and shrubs on both his own and the town's abutting land, continuing the work against police advisement. River Road is classified in the town bylaws as a scenic way and tree removal is regulated.

On January 14, 2003, the Board of Selectmen agreed to a restitution plan, whereby Campagna would pay the town $4,000 to cover the cost of replacing trees which he had removed from the town's land. Town counsel drafted two documents which would release Campagna and the town from any further obligation to each other in this matter. (For background information, see the online newspaper archives at

The Selectmen had received a check from Campagna, but on it were written stipulations which the Selectmen did not agree with, and which contradicted the release documents recommended by town counsel. The Town Administrator and Selectmen were unsure whether the town would be legally bound by the stipulations if the check were cashed. It was unclear whether town counsel had been asked, or had ever given an opinion on the advisability of cashing the check. Selectman Doug Stevenson unsuc-cessfully tried to reach Campagna by phone, and the town took no further action. McKenzie said she would ask Building Inspector Bob Koning to assist her in arranging a meeting with Campagna.

The Selectmen agreed that any replanting should now wait for cooler weather in the fall.

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