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Friday, July 18, 2003


Wayne Davis chosen Conservationist of the Year Presentation by John Lee:

Wayne Davis accepts the Conservationist of the Year Award from Conservation Commissioner John Lee. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
This year's Conservationist of the Year award is given to a person who has not been in town all that long by some people's standards but whose contributions have been significant. His fingerprints loom large in many aspects of town affairs but he has made the most notable contributions to the conservation of the scenery and landscape as we know and love it in our fair burg. He has quietly lent his head and hand to so much of what we appreciate that it is tedious to enumerate.

He is a lawyer by training and we all know what that means. In these sorts of circumstances, someone stands up and tells horrible but true stories about the individual and the profession. However, true to the traditions of Carlisle, he is not of the usual lawyerly ilk. This humble practitioner of the arcane science, so called, has charmed the meek, the mild and the monstrous all to the benefit of Carlisle' s woods, trails and open space. He has the unique ability to elucidate the otherwise ineluctable without antagonizing the benighted or unenlightenable amongst us. In other words he can cut to the chase without further ado while clarifying what should have been obvious.

It has been true for some time now that he goes to CRAC (all caps, no K) meetings on a regular basis, but the conservation cognoscenti have come to appreciate his extreme need to serve the needs and interests of the conservation-addicted in our community. His ability to homogenize detail and direct complex projects to a successful conclusion has made him the ideal behind-the-scenes maestro able to inveigle the town fathers, property-owners, abutters and conservation interests to get on the same page and sing the same notes. No small task! His work to bring the Wang-Coombs (now Hutchins-Robbins) transaction to fruition is a textbook case in close and carefully crafted negotiations which saved a stunningly beautiful corner of Carlisle at an affordable price while meeting the express needs of all of the parties of interest.

His puckish smile could charm the crust off stale bread. He is a provocative thinker and persistent in the pursuit of forward-thinking answers to what might appear to be intractable issues. His hard work, in concert with many others, has kept Carlisle's rurality a reality for us and for succeeding generations. This year's Conservationist of the Year by unanimous vote of the Commission and wide acclamation of Mosquito readers is Wayne Davis.

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