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Friday, July 18, 2003

Kudos to firefighters and police

To the Editor:

As next-door neighbors of the Pernices on Judy Farm Road, we witnessed the excellent work of the Carlisle Fire Department controlling the terrible fire at Pernices' house on June 28. Although the house got badly damaged inside, the flames were effectively contained by the teamwork of the firefighters. Chief Flannery did a superb job directing his own crew and incorporating fire-fighting assistance from out of town. Hats off also to the Carlisle Police for skillfully managing street traffic at the scene. Apparently, Carlisle's frequent emergency-service drills do pay off.

Peg and Paul Gill
Judy Farm Road

A way to help

To the Editor:

To all of our Carlisle friends and neighbors: On Saturday, June 28, our friends and neighbors, the Pernices, Bob, Robin, Eva and Erica, lost their house, at 148 Judy Farm Road, to a fire. No one was hurt · thank God. Robin, Eva and Erica are away at a fencing tournament in Texas. Bob is working on finding a place to stay, with the help of friends and neighbors.

So many people have expressed the desire to help, but how? We realize that the Pernices are going to have to start from the beginning, are going to need everything. We have started The Pernice Family Fund. If you or someone you know would like to help you can send your donation to:

The Pernice Family Fund

Attn.: Melinda Nicholson

Citizens Bank

97 Lowell Road

Concord, MA 01742

or go to the Citizens Bank at 97 Lowell Road in Concord.

We appreciate your help. Thank you.

Susan Evans

Thanks to all who helped make Old Home Day 2003 a success

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly thank those whose selfless dedication made this year's Old Home Day a success! To each member of the Old Home Day Committee: thanks! It was a lot of hard work but when we see the end result we realize why we devote so much time and energy to the endeavor each year. Thanks go to Lisa and Peter Duffy for another enjoyable Ice Cream Social on the eve of the Fourth. They will be sorely missed when they move to Vermont.

Many thanks to Bill Cooney and Deb Power for a stupendous parade, to Nancy and Bob Orlando, for bringing us a day of shopping in Carlisle! A round of applause to Peggy Wang, who once again single handedly put on a top-notch Art Show. Special thanks to our behind-the-scenes Logistical Engineers: Nick Lunig and Scott Evans. They set up tables and chairs, ran power lines among other not-so-fun jobs. Thanks to the Carlisle Fire Department for filling the dunking booth and for all the good-natured souls who braved the murky waters to be dunked. Thanks to the Fire Department for another wonderful Chicken BBQ, the Cantrills and the Clarkes for the hit of the day, the Cake Walk and to all of you cakebakers. You made the Cake Walk a success. About 100 cakes were donated again this year. Thanks to the Carlisle Mosquito for coverage before the big day and to everyone who generously donated money. Thanks to the DPW workers who cheerfully took care of set-up early in the morning and in the evening, and to the Carlisle Police Department who once again brought us Radar Pitch, an all-time favorite, and who were out in force redirecting traffic. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Fire Chief David Flannery for his assistance. I appreciate the dedication of all who volunteered their time and creativity and those of you who came out to get together with your Carlisle neighbors. Thanks to all who helped make this Carlisle tradition a success once again! Have a safe and restful summer!

Susan J. Evans
Old Home Day Chair

Taking responsibility

To the Editor:

I'd like to thank the young woman that hit my cat, Tuesday, June 24 on Bedford Road. She showed compassion, respect, ethics, and bravery. I know it must have been extremely difficult for her, yet she did the right thing and stopped, not the easy thing and drive on. I appreciate her taking the time to inform me.

Tina L. Day
Bedford Road

Community help made 2003 H.S. Senior Safari a success

To the Editor:

The 2003 Concord-Carlisle High School Senior Safari all-night party is now just a memory. For the graduating students it will remain a wonderful moment in their lives filled with fun and laughter, a time of transition, of gratitude for all they've been given, the learning and the friendships, and the promise of so much that lies ahead.

For all the people who worked so hard to make the Senior Safari a success, it will also be a memory, but one that brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and also great gratitude to so many for valuable contributions of time, money, food, or materials. The Senior Safari committee would like to thank all the marvelous volunteers who set up and chaperoned, including our electricians Scott Henderson and Sharon. Together your efforts create magic. And to all those people and businesses who expressed their commitment to our communities and our children through their generosity, we can't thank you enough. Arena Farms, The Bates Family, Bread and Circus, Carlson Real Estate, Chang An, Cheese Shop of Concord, Coca Cola of New England, Concord Lumber, Concord Teacakes, Costco in Waltham, Costa Food & Produce, Crosby's (and all who participated in their voucher program), Dino's Pizzeria, Donelan's Supermarket, Dunkin Donuts in Concord and West Concord, Helen's, Mailboxes, Etc., Cindy and Dennis Murphy, New London Pizza, Jon Owen, Roche Brothers, Rossini's Restaurant, Sally Ann Food Shop, Sorrento's, Starbuck's, Trader Joe's in Acton, Wayside Florist, Welch Foods and West Concord Supermarket all did their part to make the Senior Safari a great time for the students.

Many thanks to the people who work at the high school, George Cower and the custodians, and Audrey Rowlette and the cafeteria staff who all helped out so much. And thanks also to Gabrielle White at the Town of Concord Board of Health, and to the Concord Police Department, for their support in making safety a priority.

The Senior Safari is the result of the wonderful relationships that exist in our communities, and all the individuals who decide to act on the realization that it is up to them to make good things happen.

Concord Carlisle Senior Safari Committee
Barbara Lewis, Publicity Chair

Carlisle Pet Show, July 4

To the Editor:

We would like to show our appreciation to the Committee and Judges that helped with the July 4th Carlisle Pet Show. Many thanks to the members of the working committee: April Stone, Eliza Epstein, Amy Nosowitz, Julia Lyons, Margot Roberts, Krissy Morgan, Seth Erikson and Dave Toher.

And many thanks to our judges: Peggy Gill, Jackie Toher, Molly Dapice, Officer Scott Barnes and Sara Dunleavy.

Carlisle is a special place in the world. This town is a place where the companion animals get the best of care and are cherished. The pet show entrants reflected this exemplary care with their bright eyes, shiny coats, and gentle happy attitudes. We are proud and honored to be able to continue the tradition of the 4th of July Carlisle Pet Show and with Dog Officer Bob Dennison and the Carlisle Police being part of the team that is there for the animal population of Carlisle.

Sally Lakness and Debbie Toher
Co-chair, OHD Pet Show

P.S. Keep your rabies vaccinations up to date.

Old Home Day 2003 donors thanked

To the Editor:

This year the Old Home Day Association ran two letters in the Carlisle Mosquito requesting donations from townspeople. A wonderfully generous outpouring of support followed. We were able to print the names of some donors in the Old Home Day program before it went to print but would like to publicly thank everyone who made donations in order to make Old Home Day possible. Without private donations, Old Home Day would not be possible. Old Home Day is run solely by volunteers and donations; it is not a town-funded event. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who help to make Old Home Day 2003 happen.

Arthur and Nina Anton, Brenda and Krishin Bhavanani, Elizabeth Carbone, Jeffery Caruso, Christine Chin and Todd Griswold, Marion and Dan Cook, Lyn Courant, Margaret Crouse, Marjie Findlay and Geoff Freeman, Harriet Fortier, Carol and James Furneaux, Wee Forest Folk, Mary Green, Heidi Harring, Steve Herbst, Therese and Ken Hoffman, Ernie and Ellen Huber, Liz and PJ Jewell, Ann and Richard Ketchen, Bonnie and Peter Krims, Patricia and William Reed, Barbara Ritz, Darlene Spence, Steve Tobin, Susan Ursch, John Valentine, Ruth Waywell, Richard Wells and Suzanne & Larry Zimmerman.

Susan Evans
Old Home Day Chair

2003 The Carlisle Mosquito