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Friday, June 27, 2003


I had just unwrapped a package of newly-developed Kodak special print pictures and looked into the smiling faces of each of my friends. I smiled at them and with a glance at just one of them, a thousand memories came rushing back. I remembered walking into school for the very first time and being scared beyond belief that one of the giant eighth graders would ...more

As Yogi Berra once said, this is déja vu all over again. I'm leaving my school with friends and teachers for a completely different place where I don't know a single soul. This seems to happen to me every few years. Wait a second, this time it feels different. I realize I had never been this attached to any school for all the six schools I left behind. ...more

Retiring teacher David Mayall, who has taught at the Carlisle Middle School for over 30 years, addresses the graduates and their families in Corey Auditorium. ...more

· Jessica Lauren Babine of Oak Knoll Road graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science degree in hotel administration. ...more

· Laura Buzawa of Elizabeth Ridge Road has graduated from Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall School, Waltham, Massachusetts, as the salutatorian for her class. She will be attending the University of Rochester next fall where she has received a scholarship. ...more

"Why isn't your boat in the water?" Now there's a question boaters just love to hear. People who don't own and maintain boats have no idea of just what it takes to get a boat ready for the water each year. Whether the boat owner or the boat yard does the work, the same amount of work has to be done. ...more

School closings and summer vacations are upon us, and we're all looking forward to some long lazy days to put up our feet and read for fun. As we welcome our new library director, Angela Reddin, and Carlisle's schoolchildren flock to the library to pick up their summer reading, the Mosquito sought recommendations this year from some of the folks who work in ...more

The Carlisle Huskies softball team had another great season with a record of 11-1, finishing in first place in the Nashoba Valley League. Our team consisted of many great players who gave their all in each game and were always very supportive of their teammates, making our team capable of holding such an excellent record. ...more

The Carlisle Middle School baseball team finished as champions of the Nashoba Valley League with a record of 10-2 this spring. Husky pitchers Robert Dolins (4-1) and Dan Canina (4-1) were the mainstays of the pitching staff, while Dolins led the team in hitting with a torrid .621 batting average. ...more

I am still grinning all over at the extraordinary phenomenon of well over fifty children eagerly attending a party in order to celebrate not a birthday, not a championship, not even the start of summer vacation, but an 870-page book. ...more

With a prime location, comfortable seating, and convenient hours, the Gleason Public Library has emerged as the social center of Carlisle. That suits the library's new director, Angela Reddin, just fine. ...more

Description: A medium-sized songbird of the woods, smaller than a robin but larger than other spot-breasted thrushes, with a rich brown back; breast and belly are polka-dotted black on white. ...more

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