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Friday, June 27, 2003


Selectmen approve police fine schedule

One resident, who had received two previous warnings for parking in a handicapped space at the school, was surprised last week to be handed a $100 fine for doing it a third time. State law sets the fine at $100, although police may give warning, according to police chief David Galvin.

The Selectmen recently approved a new local fine schedule, as follows:

· $10 Most parking offenses

· $20 Bike violations

· $20 Parking in front of a fire hydrant

Police officers have new ticket books which reflect the new fine schedule and the state law. According to Galvin, "You get one bite of the apple" in the form of a warning, which is logged. The logged warning is recorded in the state computer system. Failure to respond to tickets may result in a license not being renewed. So · in the language of the police log · residents are "advised" to respond to any tickets they receive.

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