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Friday, June 27, 2003

Focus group's ideas appreciated

To the Editor:

We want to thank the dozen or so participants in last week's economic development focus group. Our discussions ranged broadly and covered the descriptive characterization of the current business activities in town; the economic impact of increase in the value of the town's public goods (open space, schools, zoning;) real estate development as the default economic driver; town revenue generation alternatives; mixed-use development; and the possibility of joint public-private sector ventures for directing development and harvesting revenues.

We very much value your taking time to meet, to converse, and to seed your ideas into this community plan.

Tricia Smith
Indian Hill Road
Community Development Plan Committee Member and Economic Development Coordinator

Thanks for supporting the Girl Scout cookie sale

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the girls, their parents and the community of Carlisle for supporting the Girl Scout cookie sale. The money earned from the cookie sale helps support their troops by purchasing badges, field trips, camping, and special programs. A special thanks to Bob Daisy for allowing the girls to use his store front to sell cookies week after week.

Lee Means
East Meadow Lane
Town Cookie Coordinator

A student's view of the high school

To the Editor:

It is now Friday afternoon, June 20 and I am writing in response to the question about the caliber of CCHS. I have just finished the last final of my junior year at CCHS, and am completely exhausted after 180 days of sleep deprivation, late-night study-sessions, and early-morning exams. When I came home, I read the editorial "There's more to life than 'HYP. "' I strongly agree with Marilyn Harte and Carole Fiorentino that the measure of a high school's success cannot solely be based upon where students attend college. In my opinion, I feel that college is what you make of it. The more you put in, the more you are going to get out of it. And that is completely disregarding the students who choose to work or join the armed forces after high school. Not enough credit is given to these students. College itself seems to be a requirement instead of an opportunity these days.

The fact that Mr. West is concerned about the standards at CCHS confuses me. I am left wondering if he has sons or daughters who are current students or CCHS alumni. It is my belief that the high school experience should not be only about the academic aspects. I can truthfully say that CCHS has provided me with a well-balanced education. Students are given many opportunities to enrich themselves through clubs, sports, drama, or whatever their cup of tea is. As proof of the high quality of CCHS students, let me add the success of the school's bands and choruses at state and national festivals. Or the success of the sports teams in recent state tournaments. Evidence of academic excellence can be seen in the National Honors Society. Requirements for acceptance into NHS at other schools include an unweighted GPA of 3.0; at CCHS the minimum for acceptance is 3.33. I cannot assure Mr. West of the success of CCHS in only 350 words, but hope that he will someday visit the high school for himself and maybe sit in on the honors- or AP-level classes.

Joslyn Tarr
Cross Street

Thanks for center spruce-up

To the Editor:

Carlisle's "Central Park" on Lowell Street, just north of the center, was recently landscaped courtesy of the generosity of a number of Carlisle people. Many thanks go to the Duffys of Great Brook Farm State Park for compost and loam, the DPW and Eric Henderson's Just Cuts landscaping business for bed preparation, Alison Saylor and Trade Secret Gardens for garden design and plant materials, and Kathy Simpson's and Pam Blair's Girl Scout troops for plant materials and planting. And Jason Metivier has offered to improve the stone retaining wall around the garden. Please visit the garden this summer to enjoy it as many people will for years to come. Thanks to all who contributed for their wonderful spirit of community which makes Carlisle such a very special place.

Linda Myers-Tierney
Lowell Street

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