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Friday, June 27, 2003

Principal Andy Goyer watches as Greg Gatti walks across the stage to receive his diploma. Seated (left to right) are Tim Bromley, Patrick Brennan, Caitlin Brennan, Basil Bourque, Oliver Bojanic and Emily Arnow. See more graduation news on pages 10 and 11. (Photo by Cynthia Gatti)
I had just unwrapped a package of newly-developed Kodak special print pictures and looked into the smiling faces of each of my friends. I smiled at them and with a glance at just one of them, a thousand memories came rushing back. I remembered walking into school for the very first time and being scared beyond belief that one of the giant eighth graders would ...more

As Yogi Berra once said, this is déja vu all over again. I'm leaving my school with friends and teachers for a completely different place where I don't know a single soul. This seems to happen to me every few years. Wait a second, this time it feels different. I realize I had never been this attached to any school for all the six schools I left behind. ...more

Maybe it was the long-awaited arrival of summer that kept people away. Perhaps the front page article in the Mosquito the previous week satisfied everyone's curiosity. Or maybe it was "cell tower fatigue" after years of heated debate with no results to show for it. Whatever the reason, only a dozen or so townsfolk showed up on June 23 at the Planning ...more

What do a 150-unit senior-living apartment development, cell towers and a coffee house/pub have in common? They are three of the most compelling solutions suggested by participants at the June 17 economic development focus group conducted by the Carlisle Planning Board and the Community Development Plan Steering Committee. Solutions to what, you ask? Solutions ...more

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