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Friday, June 27, 2003

GIRL SCOUTS HELP ALZHEIMER'S RESIDENTS PLANT TOMATOES. Members of Carlisle Girl Scout Troop 2368B helped residents of the Ross-Worthen Alzheimer's Center at Carleton-Willard Village plant tomatoes in the raised planters of their courtyard garden. Carleton-Willard is a nonprofit continuing care retirement community located in Bedford. From left are Katie Hart, Cynthia Lyeth, Katie Hendrickson and Alisha Deary.



Luke Cutter

Lois and Andrew Cutter of Curve Street are pleased to announce the birth of their son Luke, born May 30 at Emerson Hospital. Grandparents are Pat and Bill Cutter (formerly of Carlisle) of Andover, New Hampshire and Eleanor Chenerest of Acton.

Luke joins his siblings Blake, Skylar and Nick.

Copelyn and Brooklyn Taylor

Troy and Christi Taylor of The Colony, Texas, are pleased to announce the birth of their twin daughters, Copelyn and Brooklyn, born April 10 in Orem, Utah.

They join their big sister, Addison. Grandparents are Ferris and Karen Taylor of Hemlock Hill Road

· Attorneys Matthew B. Lowrie, Peter C. Lando (left) and John N. Anastasi announced the formation of Lowrie, Lando & Anastasi (LL&A), LLP. The new intellectual property law firm intends to establish a new work model that promotes the human aspects of legal work · mentoring, closer relationships with clients and better personal and professional balance.

The three founders left the Boston law firm of Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C. at the end of May to form the new firm. In an article in the Business section of The Boston Globe on June 24, the partners are described as addressing "one of the legal profession's most challenging questions: how can lawyers balance intense dedication to their work with the equally demanding task of raising a family?"

Lando lives on Brook Street with his wife Michelle and daughter Sophea.

· On June 2, 9-year-old violinist Alex Kinmonth of Page Brook Road performed the Vivaldi Concerto in A minor, at the Flora Restaurant in Arlington. The restaurant opened its doors to host a fundraiser in support of the Fox Library in Arlington. Alex was thrilled to volunteer his talent along with two other students of teacher Carlough Faulkner-Carroll. The evening of socializing, desserts and music raised over $4,000 to support the library, which was facing closure without the help of this and other events.

· Marshall Evans, of Heald Road, a sophomore at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, was selected Most Valuable Player for the Boy's Varsity Baseball Team.

· Holly N. Fordyce of Curve Street received devastating news on a beautiful spring day : A biopsy revealed she had breast cancer. Her physical healing began almost immediately with the usual medical treatment and alternative medicines, but fixing the spiritual damage to her soul and dealing with the ensuing anger, hurt and fear was more complex.

Fordyce, a clinical social worker in private practice, discovered the only way to claim her life and stand in her own truth in the present was to journey past the darkness. Through writing, photography, and her passion for nature, Fordyce was able to come to terms with a life-threatening illness and begin the healing process. She writes about her self-exploration in a heartfelt new book, Learning to Dance With the Dragonfly: Healing Lessons of Nature. In this collection of journal entries, essays, and poems highlighted with dazzling, color photographs Fordyce shares her innermost thoughts, hopes and fears.

Learning to Dance with the Dragonfly is a highly passionate read as well as a cogent reminder of the lessons to be learned on the path to healing. It can be purchased in bookstores, or by sending $29.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling) to Dancing Dragonfly Press, 867 Curve Street, Carlisle, MA 01741. The book may also be purchased on the Internet at


·In the June 20 Mosquito article, "State eases affordable housing regulations · somewhat," it was incorrectly stated that a town with a certified affordable housing plan could deny a 40B comprehensive permit request if it had added 1/2 of one percent of its housing stock in affordable housing in the past year. The correct figure is 3/4 of one percent for one year or 1.5 percent for two years. Planning Board member David Freedman noted the error and added that Carlisle, based on the 2000 census, would need 12 units to get a one-year window, and 25 units for the two-year window, for denying a comprehensive permit under the new regulations.

·Freshmen Jill McElligott and Laura Scholten were members of the CCHS girls track team.

Help solve a Carlisle mystery

Do you know this photo? It was found in a donated book at the Gleason Public Library. On the back is written "Florence McFarlane (allies)." If you have any information about this lost little girl, contact the library at 1-978-369-4898.

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Fenn School third term honor roll

Clark S. Bakewell, Academic High Honors
Jack Carroll, Academic Honors
Peter J. Carroll, Academic High Honors and Effort Honors
Luke T. Deary, Academic High Honors and Effort Honors
Nicholas J. Foley, Academic High Honors and Effort High Honors
Alexander Green, Academic High Honors and Effort Honors
Michael A. Hernandez, Effort High Honors
Julius S. Johnson, Academic Honors
Bradford R. Mattison, Academic High Honors
Jess Petrie, Academic Honors
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R. Elliot Stephenson, Academic High Honors and Effort Honors

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