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Friday, June 27, 2003


Carlisle Huskies Middle School Softball Team Season Summary 2003

The Carlisle Huskies softball team had another great season with a record of 11-1, finishing in first place in the Nashoba Valley League. Our team consisted of many great players who gave their all in each game and were always very supportive of their teammates, making our team capable of holding such an excellent record.

The team had an impressive season and dominated the competition. Strong pitching was a key element in the team's success. The pitching was led by Cassidy Lane, with an incredible array of pitches. Stephanie Trebino, one of the co-captains, also blew away the competition. Seventh-grade pitchers who showed us their stuff this year are Lauren LaLiberte and Felisha Patel. All pitchers were always ready to enter the game and help bring our team to a victory.

The eighth graders contributed great depth to the team. Catcher Lisa DeBruzzi had an awesome arm and did not allow the competition to steal many bases. She was also a tough hitter. Meredith Popolo also caught, as well as being a key infielder and outfielder. Meredith was willing and able to play any position and play it well. Eliza Jacobellis was the starting shortstop for the past two years as well as being the clean-up hitter.

Tess Guttadauro was our key "slap" hitter and played a mean second base. Kelly Davin, one of the co-captains, was a tough all-around player in both the infield and the outfield. Sarah Kennedy contributed a strong bat to the team as well as being able to play the infield and outfield. Emily Howe and Liz Isenstein were also key contributors to the team, both at the plate and in the field.

The seventh graders, Nikki Wortel, Caroline Casey, Elizabeth Karofotias, and Erin Hassey, all played an important part in our winning season. Each contributed to our great offense and defense, and we look forward to them returning next year along with Lauren LaLiberte and Felisha Patel.

Managers of the team included Estelle Faulkner, Emily Arnow, and Katie Stack. We thank them for all their support and help.

The team contained many strong players and everyone was always on their toes and ready to back up their pitcher. The Huskies great hitting is what allowed us to get the runs we needed to win during this season. We couldn't have done it without Mrs. Denaro and Ms. Wessel, who were always there to guide and support our team.

Thank you to all of the players for an excellent season and good luck to next year's team!

2003 The Carlisle Mosquito