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Friday, June 27, 2003


A parting salute to the Carlisle School

As Yogi Berra once said, this is déja vu all over again. I'm leaving my school with friends and teachers for a completely different place where I don't know a single soul. This seems to happen to me every few years. Wait a second, this time it feels different. I realize I had never been this attached to any school for all the six schools I left behind. Carlisle middle school does not have different air, water or curriculum than any other school, and I recognize the single variable has been this school's unique people. The memorable teachers, friends, classmates and parents have made middle school an amazing experience for all of us. In no other school have people been open enough to listen when they debate, strong enough to hold their opinions, cheerful enough to encourage others on their bluest days.

Our Carlisle school is a fantastic place. The people here are supportive, polite, compassionate and talented. I feel safe, secure and liked here. Class of 2003, we are truly lucky to graduate from such a school. It takes a lifetime to know a few people well, and the time we have been given to know each other has been too short. Though it may seem boring in Carlisle at times, though everyone knows exactly what everyone else does, and the coolest hangout is Kimball's, Carlisle is a caring, protected and personality-filled town to have grown up in.

Remembering our years, with their difficulties and triumphs, vivid memories appear of long classes, homework-filled nights, inside jokes and remarkable projects. In our years, we have read of the depressing indecency done to humans in our own south and across the sea in Eastern Europe. We have created countries, formed alliances and conquered the world in our small classes. We have debated with carefully thought out points to prove our correctness, and debated just to argue. We have watched spellbound, as zero becomes a hero and a villain. We relive our bewildered learning as test tubes explode and labs baffle in the treacherous conditions of the Treehouse. And not one of us has not escaped contemplating the origin of the mysterious fish trees.

Although I miss my friends and my school already, I look forward to everything that lies ahead. It is overwhelming to think about all that is still to come. I know there will be so much more to learn, so many different things to experience. I know I will meet people with fascinating backgrounds that are different from mine, which I cannot complain to be boring. We should all look forward to the future, for we all have so much further on.

We owe so many people for their support, teachings, encouragement and love. Our teachers have guided us so well, sharing with us knowledge, helping us comprehend. Our parents and families have been supportive of our efforts, appearing at all times to guide decisions and give sound, experienced and helpful advice, however unwanted. Our friends have muddled along with us, always there to understand, to complain and to hang out with. We thank you all for your perseverance and patience. I'll miss you all. Congratulations class of 2003! We did it!

2003 The Carlisle Mosquito