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Friday, June 20, 2003


At the June 10 Selectmen's meeting, Planning Board member Michael Abend invited the Selectmen to a joint meeting on Monday, June 23 at 7:45 p.m. to hear the consultant's report and recommendations on cell tower placement. Abend summarized the consultant's advice, which included reducing the 900-foot setback to a residence, installing one large tower in the ...more

The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) has approved the application for the proposed 12-unit comprehensive permit development off Maple Street named Carlisle Woods. The Carlisle Board of Selectmen had written to MHFA in March with several concerns about the project, and discussed the project at their June 10 meeting. ...more

"One of the great American business success stories may soon land at Hanscom Field again,..." said the June 17 press release from Massport, confirming the fears of neighboring towns that traffic in the air and on local roads may soon increase. ...more

Comcast agreed to upgrade the town's existing cable TV wiring for high-speed Internet access, but not all the town's roads had existing wiring for cable. This has led to frustration for those without cable access on their street. Several residents from Martin Street and Cranberry Hill Lane spoke up at the Selectmen's June 10 meeting, asking for help. Christy ...more

At their meeting on June 9, the Planning Board reviewed the progress toward completion of the Hart Farm Estates subdivision off Curve Street. The three-year approval expires on June 27, and engineer William Maher of Judith Nitsch Engineering, Inc. visited the site recently to determine what outstanding issues remain before the Planning Board can issue a Certificate ...more

At their June 10 meeting, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie briefed the Selectmen on Carlisle's options for waste disposal. ...more

Sullivan & Rogers & Company, LLC, Carlisle's new audit firm, has sent the town a management letter, containing suggestions to strengthen the town's financial management. The Selectmen created an audit response group to evaluate the letter and make recommendations. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie explained that prompt response was important be-cause ...more

· Board reoganization. Doug Stevenson passed the gavel to Tim Hult, who will chair the Board of Selectmen for the coming year. Vivian Chaput is the new vice-chair, and John Ballantine will serve as clerk. ...more

Communities pressed by the threat of comprehensive plan development under the state's Chapter 40B regulations heard a few words of enthusiasm and hope last week at the "Creative Solutions to Housing Workshop #2" in Maynard, sponsored by the Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC). According to Judy Alland, chief regional planner ...more

Consensus appears to have emerged after several months of emotional public and private attention lavished on an ancient stone culvert along the Old Morse Road trail. At the June 12 Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) meeting, representatives of the Historical Commission, the Trails Committee and Old Morse Road abutters agreed with ConsCom Chair Tricia ...more

· Cranberry Bog work. Since farmer Mark Duffy was unable to attend either of the Conservation Commission's June meetings, the commission asked Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard to inform him that they would like a written memo from him covering three topics: ...more


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