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Friday, June 20, 2003


A Carlisle treasure has been preserved. Thanks to the generosity of Grant and Helene Wilson and Dot Clark and her family, the vista, the open fields and the beauty of Clark Farm, between Concord Street and School Street, will be preserved in perpetuity for all to enjoy. A celebration of the completion of the Clark Farm conservation restrictions was held at ...more


The CCHS boys lacrosse team made the state tournament for the first time since 2000. The last state title won by the team was in 1998 when CCHS had its last All-American. This year, with the help of Carlisle's first team All-League player, Scott McNeff, Concord-Carlisle drove to a strong 15-6 season, winning ten of its last eleven games. The one loss was to ...more


The girls track and field team wrapped up their season placing fifth in the Dual County League this season. There were 15 new Carlisle girls who joined the team this year which gives the team high hopes for next season. On the team Carlisle freshmen Cassi Knight, Liz Price, Danielle Geoffrey, Emily Goldberg and Amy Carter, and sophomores Chrissy Lyons, Alison ...more

Following Tom Raftery's suggestion in his June 6 cartoon, I grabbed my coat (well, actually my raincoat) and headed over to Towle Field to check out the sheep. They were soggy and the steady rain seemed to interrupt their munching. ...more

Name: Dryocampa rubicunda or Rosy Maple Moth. It is a member of the silk moth family, Saturniidae. The caterpillar is called the green-striped mapleworm. ...more

The unusual effect light can have on color characterizes the 32 photographs by Joe Schatz on display in "American Landscapes" at the Gleason Library from June 30 through September 3. Within picturesque scenes, there's an unexpected sheath of salmon, a spot of intense aqua, or a slash of violet. The results are almost uncanny when you learn more about ...more

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