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Friday, June 20, 2003


Shorts from the ConsCom, June 12

· Cranberry Bog work. Since farmer Mark Duffy was unable to attend either of the Conservation Commission's June meetings, the commission asked Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard to inform him that they would like a written memo from him covering three topics:

1. The clogged flume on the Chelmsford side of the Cranberry Bog Reservation needs to be cleared out to let water flow through. At present water is coming over the top.

2. This year's contract labor at the Bog House (construction of an exterior staircase) has not been done yet.

3. What is the status of his site management plan for the soil stockpile?

· 259 South Street. Stamski and McNary engineer Joe March presented a Notice of Intent to build an addition to the home of Ron Nardone at 259 South Street. The work will include a basement, but there will be very little grading due to the contour of the lot. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard noted mild concern about an oily residue in a depression off the recently constructed tennis court. However, Nardone said he thought it was due to runoff from the court which could be corrected as soon as drier weather permitted. The application was approved pending final septic system action by the Board of Health and a follow-up inspection by Willard.

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