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Friday, June 20, 2003


Shorts from the Selectmen, June 10

· Board reoganization. Doug Stevenson passed the gavel to Tim Hult, who will chair the Board of Selectmen for the coming year. Vivian Chaput is the new vice-chair, and John Ballantine will serve as clerk.

· Bedford Road barn conversion. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie prepared a summary of questions asked by other town officials and boards with regard to Francene Amari-Falkner's application for a permit under Carlisle's Distinctive Structure Bylaw. Amari-Falkner is seeking permission to convert an old barn into office space, while preserving its exterior appearance. Selectman Vivian Chaput volunteered to work with McKenzie to draft a board response, which would include how the property qualifies under the Distinctive Structure Bylaw and a set of conditions for the renovation work. The board plans to vote on the application at their next meeting, June 24.

· Committee liaisons. Board members share responsibilities for maintaining communications with other boards and departments. At the June 10 meeting, Selectmen agreed to the following assignments:

· Tony Allison · Board of Health, Council on Aging, and the Planning Board.

· John Ballantine · Carlisle School Committee/Teachers Negotiations, Carlisle School Building Committee, Conservation Commission, and the Municipal Land Committee.

· Vivian Chaput · Board of Appeals, Concord Carlisle High School (CCHS) Committee/Teachers' Negotiations, and the Library.

· Tim Hult · Concord Selectmen, Finance Committee, FinTeam, and the Recreation Committee.

· Doug Stevenson · Board of Assessors, CCHS Building Committee, FinTeam, and the Personnel Board.

Ballantine will be the Selectmen's regular voting representative on the Community Preservation Committee, and Chaput will serve as the voting alternate member.

· Resignations and appointments. The selectmen accepted the resignation of Christine Kavalauskas from the conservation commission, with gratitude for her years of service to the town. Kavalauskas is moving to Littleton.

Selectmen appointed Robert Hilton to serve for one year as Carlisle's representative to the Freedom Way Heritage Association. The association works to preserve historic, cultural, and natural resources in an area comprising about 42 towns in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

· Contracts. The Selectmen approved two contracts with David E. Ross Associates, Inc. for approximately $900 and $2,500. The contracts are for peer reviews of plans for the Laurel Woods 40B development, as requested by the Board of Appeals and the Conservation Commission. Laurel Woods developer Michael Kenney will pay the fees.

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