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Friday, June 20, 2003


Selectmen review waste disposal contract renewal

At their June 10 meeting, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie briefed the Selectmen on Carlisle's options for waste disposal.

The 23 towns in the New England Solid Waste Committee, of which Carlisle is a member, are facing the question of whether to sign a new contract for solid waste disposal with the Wheelabrator Corporation. The contract would take effect when the current one expires on September 25, 2005. Carlisle is now paying $120 per ton of waste delivered to the Wheelabrator incinerator in North Andover, well above the current market rate of about $60 per ton. Selectmen are considering a new contract with Wheelabrator for either three or five years. Unlike the current contract, McKenzie said the proposed contract does not require towns to provide a minimum yearly tonnage, and she believed that the stated rates could not be changed later on.
Wheelabrator Proposal
Cost per ton
  3-year 5-year
Year contract contract
1 $64 $64
2 $69 $68
3 $70.50 $96
4   $71.50
5   $73

The search for a new service provider is discouraged by the current contract, which requires NESWC towns to vote on this proposal prior to issuing any Request for Proposals (RFPs) to other waste disposal companies. McKenzie reported that all the other NESWC towns are planning to renew with Wheelabrator. Most,if not all, are choosing the five-year option.

The Selectmen are waiting for town counsel to finish reviewing the contract, and will also check into Wheelabrator's insurance coverage because Carlisle's insurance carrier, the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association, requires that Wheelabrator carry an umbrella policy. The selectmen plan to vote on the contract proposal at their next meeting on June 24.

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