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Friday, June 20, 2003


Residents on 'orphan roads' still lack cable access

Comcast agreed to upgrade the town's existing cable TV wiring for high-speed Internet access, but not all the town's roads had existing wiring for cable. This has led to frustration for those without cable access on their street. Several residents from Martin Street and Cranberry Hill Lane spoke up at the Selectmen's June 10 meeting, asking for help. Christy Barbee of Cranberry Hill Lane asked why, if Comcast has a cable monopoly in town, they don't have a legal obligation to provide universal service access. Selectmen answered that the license agreement did not specify universal access.

Ellen Miller, a member of Carlisle's Cable Advisory Committee, said that Comcast has, at least in some cases, added wiring to new areas. She estimated that 95% of all streets in town have cable access. She recommended that anyone having problems getting cable access to their street should contact Darice Wareham, chair of the committee, by e-mail at Wareham will contact the Comcast employee responsible for wiring Carlisle.

The Selectmen agreed to ask Comcast to provide monthly updates of their status in wiring the town, and to ask Comcast to attend a future board meeting. The license renewal agreement stipulates both an annual public meeting and monthly updates.

Another feature of the license agreement is the requirement that Comcast pay the town a certain amount of money to purchase video equipment for local cable broadcasting. On June 10 the Selectmen accepted a check from Comcast for $14,510.28, which will be added to the roughly $25,000 received last year for this purpose. The Cable Advisory Committee will begin work on setting up the equipment and beginning cable broadcast coverage of selected local events.

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