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Friday, June 20, 2003


FedEx flights may soon resume at Hanscom

"One of the great American business success stories may soon land at Hanscom Field again,..." said the June 17 press release from Massport, confirming the fears of neighboring towns that traffic in the air and on local roads may soon increase.

Massport CEO Craig P. Coy met with FedEx Express officials on Monday, June 16 to discuss their interest. FedEx told Massport that they are looking at an arrival and departure schedule occurring before 11 p.m., Monday through Friday, using a modern Airbus A300 jet. The Press release continued, "...Massport has conducted extensive analysis that shows that limited cargo operations from Hanscom Field would not significantly alter the impacts of the 60-year-old facility."

(Photo by Midge Eliassen)
Citizen action groups have disagreed with MassPort's conclusions. An inquiry by FedEx to Hanscom Field airport director Barbara Patzner last April, created a storm of concern, with "No FedEx at Hanscom" signs appearing on major roads in the region. On May 29, a large demonstration gathered in Concord to cheer the placement of Minute Man National Historical Park on the list of "America's Most Endangered Historical Places," an annual list issued by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Previously, FedEx operated from Hanscom Field from 1973 to 1978. The company closed its distribution center on Hartwell Avenue in Lexington last month because expanding the facility was not feasible.

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