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Friday, June 20, 2003


MHFA gives green light to Carlisle Woods 40B project

The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) has approved the application for the proposed 12-unit comprehensive permit development off Maple Street named Carlisle Woods. The Carlisle Board of Selectmen had written to MHFA in March with several concerns about the project, and discussed the project at their June 10 meeting.

One major problem the Selectmen see is that the property may be land-locked, and lack any legal road frontage. Vivian Chaput said that access to the property was by easement over other land. Comprehensive permits are designed to override local zoning constraints, but Chaput felt that 40B regulations do not allow building on land with no frontage at all.

The development plan also calls for non-conventional septic systems, and the Selectmen worried that if these systems ever failed, the land was not large enough to accommodate conventional septic systems for all of the 24 proposed bedrooms. A maximum of 17 bedrooms could be supported on the 4.37-acre property according to the state's Title 5 requirements for conventional septic system technology. The board also sought data to address the impact of the development on the water table and wells of abutters.

Because the MHFA did not address these issues, the Board of Selectmen decided to seek legal counsel from an attorney specializing in 40B projects. Chaput said, "We have got to protect the town's interests. It's worth spending the money now."

The next step for the developer, Walter Eriksen, manager of Massapoag Real Estate Development Corporation, will be to bring an application before Carlisle's Board of Appeals.

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