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Friday, June 20, 2003


CCHS spring girls' sports roundup

Shir Sadan
The girls track and field team wrapped up their season placing fifth in the Dual County League this season. There were 15 new Carlisle girls who joined the team this year which gives the team high hopes for next season. On the team Carlisle freshmen Cassi Knight, Liz Price, Danielle Geoffrey, Emily Goldberg and Amy Carter, and sophomores Chrissy Lyons, Alison Probolus and Nikki Reed, Shir Sadan, Caitlin Holland and juniors Susan Modeen, Kristen Bergstrom and Caitlin Quinn, Meredith Eaton and seniors Serena Goldberg and Adrienne Tambone made up a great deal of the girls' team, with 15 girls new to the team. Adrienne Tambone was on the track and field team for two years, and was the best javelin thrower on the team and she placed sixth in the Dual County League. Meredith Eaton who has only been triple jumping for two years qualified for EMASS with a jump of 32 feet 8 inches. Girls who participated in the EMASS competition included Meredith Eaton in triple jump, Kristen Bergstrom in pole vault, Caitlin Holland in the 4X400 relay, and Cassi Knight in the two mile and 4X800 relay.


Jazen Jacobellis
The girls softball team had an amazing season having a 16-0 record in the Dual County League and winning the North Sectional Title. Five Carlisle girls contributed to the team's success this season. Jazen Jacobellis, a senior, has been playing on the varsity team for almost four years and played as the starting shortstop in many of the games. She was the strongest defense player on the team, and a great teammate. Eva Jellison, a sophomore, was a great outfielder this season, and Coach Lisa McGloin has high hopes for Eva starting in the field next season. Katie Brown, also a sophomore, got bumped up to varsity in the middle of the season. She played catcher and second base, and was a great offensive threat because of her speed. Abbie Rolando a freshman, got a lot of playing time during the regular season, and was also a great offensive player, and the fastest player on the team. Sam Luther, also a freshman, got pulled up to varsity two weeks into the season, and was a great base runner and lead-off hitter on the team. Even with nine seniors already graduated, the team has a lot of young players to look forward to next season.


Meredith Babine (left)

This year's girls lacrosse team made it to the State Tournament, and had a record of 9-7-2 in the Dual County League. Overall the team had improved a lot during the season. They were ranked 16th in the State Tournament and beat the number-one-ranked team Andover 9-7. On the team were three Carlisle Girls; senior Meredith Babine earned her spot as the starter goalkeeper into the middle of the season, and had a total of 14 saves in the game against Andover. Kate Traynor a junior got moved up to varsity in the middle of the season and was a strong defensive player as cover point and third man. Kate was also a very athletic and quick player on the team and had improved a lot this season. Sam O'Keefe a sophomore had also been moved up to varsity before the State Tournament. During their regular season, the lacrosse team had a very competitive schedule, and only lost their games by a slim margin. Coach Shelley Hull comments that by the end of the season "the girls were really peaking as a team".

Girls Lacrosse team made it to the State Tournament


Caitlin Holland (left)


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