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Friday, June 13, 2003


Shorts from the CSC for June 3

David Dockterman will be the chair and Suzanne Whitney Smith the vice chair and policy representative for the 2003-2004 Carlisle School Committee (CSC). The Regional School Committee (RSC) representatives will continue to be Nicole Burkel and Michael Fitzgerald. Paul Morrison will continue with the School Building Committee, and he hopes to draw in additional volunteers from the community to serve on the committee. Dockterman and Whitney Smith asked to serve on the Superintendent Search Committee, and noted that the committee will also include volunteers from the community. At the retreat planned for July, the school committee will map out their strategies and methods for the search.

Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council members include (from left) eighth graders Tess Guttadauro, Aubrey Doyle, Kelly Davin, Basil Bourque, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson, and eighth-grader Welles Mattson. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)
Five members of the Student Advisory Council, along with advisor Kimberly Reid, presented a year-end report to the Carlisle School Committee. Co-President Kelly Davin began the report, discussing the roles the advisory council took this year including fundraising and organizing dances. Other members present were Welles Mattson, secretary, Aubrey Doyle, co-activity director, Tess Guttadauro, co-activity director, and Basil Bourque, co-president. Two members not present were Eric Zuk, treasurer and Evan Tierney, sergeant-at-arms. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson thanked the students for their efforts and their "high level of school spirit." Fitzgerald asked the students, all eighth graders, what they liked best about their experience at the Carlisle School. The students listed outdoor education classes as a favorite, as well as dances, making friends, and spirit days.

Valued volunteers, Hall of Fame

Fox-Melanson and the CSC thanked Carlisle school volunteers Eunice Knight, Ellen Huber, Lisa Harris, Michelle Sobin, Laura Snowdon, Lori Canavan, and Dale Ryder for their many hours of support to the school. Fox-Melanson then said there are some volunteers who go "beyond the call." She recognized Jeff Brown of the Carlisle Education Foundation, and Carolyn Higgins, who worked on the Cultural Enrichment Committee for twelve years, for their years of service, and inducted them into the "Volunteer Hall of Fame."

Reading presentation

Reading Specialist Susan Helenius-LaPorte presented a report on the strategies used in the Reading and Writing program at the Carlisle School. In her report she laid out the five phases of "Gradual Release of Responsibility" for learning strategies; this approach can be used in a wide variety of subjects. The phases, starting with the "Teacher Planning Phase," in which the teacher identifies the strategy to be taught, and finishing with the "Application of the strategy in Real Reading Situations," in which the students, understanding the strategy, apply it independently, guide the teacher through the steps necessary to allow the student independence with a learning method. Helenius-LaPorte offered many examples of student writing, and discussed the structures for Writing Workshops.

Fees for Kindergarten, buses, and sports were discussed. Some fees have increased, some have been reduced. Full-day kindergarten will be $500, up from $350. Bus fee for seventh and eighth graders will be $395, and was $365. The athletic fee was $130 in fall 2002, $185 in spring 2003, and will be $175 in fall of 2003, but with no family cap. "I hate doing this," said Dockterman. Whitney Smith agreed, and pointed out that the fees target families with kindergarten and middle school students. Business manager Steven Moore said one in three families is paying some sort of fee.

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