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Friday, June 13, 2003


CEF, CSA donations make a difference for Carlisle Schools

The Carlisle School Committee was pleased to accept gifts from the Carlisle School Association and the Carlisle Education Foundation at the June 3 meeting. These funds were made possible by the CEF/CSA Auction, as well as various fundraisers promoted by the CSA.

Curriculum Coordinators

Donations from both organizations will support four curriculum coordinators in the core areas oflanguage arts, social studies, science, and math. Curriculum coordinators are chosen from current teachers, who, in addition to their teaching assignments, assist teachers in scheduling subject units, and have "oversight of vertical integration of subjects," or planning the progression of subjects from one grade to the next. They are in charge of in-house professional development in their subject area and also perform teacher orientation.They were not funded this past year, and without subject coordination there could be some erosion in the cohesiveness of the curriculum.

Portable computer lab

The CEF/CSA auction funds will purchase a Mac Mobile Lab, which is a portable computer lab, about the size of a small bookcase. The lab contains twenty-five iBooks (laptops), a printer and a server connected through wireless technology.It will allow a whole classroom to work individually on projects in their class for the first time.Currently, when students are using computers for research, they work in pairs or groups in the library.

Intramural sports offered again

Through the CEF/CSA auction funds, students will be able to participate in after-school intramural sports. These are activities that are less competitive than the interscholastic sports, and offer a variety of experiences such as wall rock climbing, field hockey and floor hockey, gymnastics, basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball. The teachers' interest and participation determine which sports will be offered.

Box tops bring in needed items

Through the fundraising efforts of box tops coordinators Holly Salemy and Liz Jewell, enough funds were raised to purchase encyclopedias for the library, and new playground equipment for recess.

New reading specialist position

Auction proceeds will provide funding for one Reading Specialist/Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator. The specialist will work closely with K-2 Reading Specialist Susan Helenius-LaPorte, allowing an expansion of reading and writing curriculum coordination in the upper grades.

The CSA will provide funding to continue the Notify Quick parent notification program, which is an automated calling system used to inform families of changes at the school or upcoming events.

Funding is also provided for advisors for the Math League, the yearbook committee, three middle school Homework Clubs, and Student Council.

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