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Friday, June 13, 2003


It was a rainy-day graduation for CCHS seniors

Senior Jen Morse is congratulated by CCHS principal Arthur Dulong. (Photo by Tim Morse)

It rained. Anyone involved in this year's graduation at Concord-Carlisle High School will mention this first, for it was the overwhelming fact of the day. Yet, while we, the graduates, were all sitting outdoors and slowly becoming drenched, the rain did not have our attention. In fact, all I heard was how glad we were to be outside so all of our relatives could see us graduate in person, as opposed to a limited few watching on screen in the auditorium. This response was not surprising, for it is this spirit that defines the Class of 2003.

Earlier, as we processed down the muddying hill and through the gates of our football stadium, I was suddenly hit by an unexpected case of nostalgia. Over the past four years, we had developed from timid freshmen to the proud graduates I saw before me. In the beginning, we were just attempting to survive and complete our homework on time. This senior year saw most of us devoting our lives to college applications, extra-curricular activities, community service, and income-producing jobs in addition to insanely busy academic schedules. Our experiences in and out of the classroom, our accomplishments, frustrations, conflicts, and joys have intersected countless times. We worked through each day, and this challenge gave us pride in our talent and dedication.

The procession made its way to the rows of wet seats where we remained standing for the national anthem. Many of us had played this anthem at Concord-Carlisle football games in our Pep Band and at previous commencement ceremonies. Now we heard it for the last time as high school students.

Principal Arthur Dulong began his address and my mind drifted towards the past once again. I recalled the large controversy and eventual moratorium on all school dances, and how our class led the way in having Mr. Dulong reinstate them. I remembered Ms. DiCicco, principal from an era that seems long ago and whose name this year's freshmen do not recognize. I thought of what we would take with us; the learning, the friendships, the stories, the special encounters, and the acquired self-assurance. By the time Mr. Dulong introduced our faculty speaker and sat down, I once again came back to the present.

Justin Hendrickson and Stephen Yu (center), two of the three Faculty Gold Medal winners for the highest academic averages, celebrate with their families at the reception after graduation. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
I am glad that I did. Mr. Ethan Hoblitzelle, a teacher in the Social Studies department, was elected by our graduating class to give this year's commencement address. He began by describing how forgettable these speeches are. According to his research, these addresses all follow a specific "menu" that causes them to be erased from our memories as soon as the ceremony is over. With this humorous introduction, Mr. Hoblitzelle presented the true wisdom of his message and provided observations from his own experience. As he concluded, I realized it is the high caliber of the teaching staff that puts CCHS into a league of its own.

For four years, these teachers have held our respect and more often our friendship. Mr. Hoblitzelle led the History Reading Group for nearly as long, and to all those involved, it proved to be one of the best experiences of high school. Every week, we would meet in the H building to discuss a particular book assigned to us. It amazes me, in retrospect, to imagine a group of fifteen or so high school students committed for hours on a Friday afternoon to the discussion of history. Yet, this is a perfect example of who we are, and what constitutes CCHS's teaching staff. Our faculty is incredibly devoted, hardworking, and kind. They are teachers, but they are also people who came to understand us as individuals and guide us into adulthood. We owe them a monumental debt and hold them in the highest regard.

CCHS seniors are all smiles following the graduation ceremonies. Carlisle seniors (left to right) are Zane Schweer, Kelsey Stoico, Beth Smith-Petersen and Florian Schueller. They are joined by Concord senior David Schrager. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

The rain continued. Mr. Hoblitzelle finished, Superintendent Thayer spoke, and then we received our diplomas. By this point, every graduate was wet and cold, but it did not dampen our spirit. It took us four challenging years to achieve those leather-bound pieces of paper, but there was no denying the joy and sense of accomplishment we felt. By the time we launched our mortarboards into the air, the Class of 2003 was ready to go home and dry off. We had spent only an hour and a half in the open rain, but relived four years of experiences in our minds. Concord-Carlisle High School, we will truly miss you. Incipit vita nova. Thus begins a new life.

Carlisle graduates of 2003

Megan Roberts, center, vice president of the Class of 2003, made the presentation of the class gift ­ a magnolia tree ­ to be planted outside the entrance to the school. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
Sophomores Brian Lieb (left) and Joe Carpenito bring flowers to their friends, seniors Liz Orlando and Jessica Levine. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

*Abend, Lauren · Undecided
*Anderson, Jaclyn · Providence College
*Babine, Meredith · McGill University
Baumgartner, Laura · Syracuse University
Bryan, Courtney · University of Vermont
*Buchwald, Carly · MIT
*Calder, Elizabeth · Colgate University
*Carr, Nora · New York University
Chapman, Daniel · Purdue University
*Chateauneuf, Michael · Colgate University
*Cole, Rebecca · Cornell University
Dow, Erin · UMASS · Dartmouth
Duff, Kylie · Wake Forest University
*Finizio, Michael · Syracuse University
Frailey, Reed · UMASS · Amherst
Ganmukhi, Swati · University of Vermont
*Goldberg, Serena · Boston University
Gordon, Stephen · U.S. Marines
Habbe, Alexandra · Syracuse University
Hantzis, Peter · Springfield College
*Hart, Quentin · Vanderbilt University
*Hendrickson, Justin · Stanford University
*Higgins, Marilee · Elon University
*Hwu, Derrick · Tufts University
Jacobellis, Jazen · University of New Mexico
Kayat, Alexandra · UMASS · Amherst
Kennedy, Bethany · Fairfield University
*Kim, Beatrice · Skidmore College
Kirk, John · University of Vermont
Kleine, Luke · Southern Methodist University
Kleine, Matthew · Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Knopf, Anne · Skidmore College
Lamb, John · Boston University
Lane, Alex · UMASS · Lowell
*Lee, David · University of Virginia
*Levine, Jessica · Quinnipiac University
Lewin, Emma · University of Vermont
Macone, Adam · Fitchburg State College
Mancini, Andrew · Merrimack College
Mancini, Michael · Fairfield University
Marchant, Jonathan · Berkshire School
*Martini, Joseph · Rochester Institute of Technology
Mattison, Kaitlin · Merrimack College
*Meldonian, Michael · Denison University
Morse, Jennifer · Harvard University
Mosley, Erik · Roger Williams College
*Mostello, Andrew · Northwestern University
Orlando, Elizabeth · Sacred Heart College
Pauler, John · Roanoke College
Phillips, Cait · McGill University
Ridgers, Peter · Colby-Sawyer College
Roberts, Gregory · University of South Carolina · Columbia
*Roberts, Megan · MIT
Rollins, Alexander · Middlesex Community College
*Rubenstein, Nicholas · Northwestern University
*Santoro, Victoria · Wesleyan University
Schueller, Florian · Bentley College
*Schweer, John Zane · Wake Forest University
Smith-Petersen, Elizabeth · Ohio University
Stoico, Kelsey · University of Kansas
Tambone, Adrienne · University of Wisconsin
Till, Jeremy · University of California at Berkeley
Toher, Jacquelyne · Middlesex Community College
Trebino, Jennifer · University of New Hampshire
Treibick, Jonathan · Westfield State College
Tsakos, Dana · Quinnipiac University
Ventura, Eric · Northeastern University
*Wallhagen, Eric · Worcester Polytechnic Institute
*Wester, Thomas · Worcester Polytechnic Institue
White, Timothy · Mass. College of Liberal Arts
Widell, Aaron · UMASS · Amherst
Winey, Tatiana · Fitchburg State College
*Woodward, Asena · Middlebury College
Yonaitis, Christopher · Berklee College of Music
*Yu, Stephen · Yale College
Zimmerman, William · Western New England College

* National Honor Society member

Awards at graduation

The John F. Donovan Memorial Flag Award is presented to the best all-round young women and young men in the graduation class who possess the qualities of dependability, leadership, service, and patriotism to an outstanding degree. The award is presented in memory of the former Concord High School and Concord-Carlisle High School Principal, John F. Donovan. Each student receives an American Flag which has flown over the high school during this academic year.

The recipients for 2003 are Colleen Sullivan, Nicholas Carr and Alan Ozarowski.

Faculty Gold Medals are presented each year to students with the highest academic averages. The recipients for 2003 are *Justin Henderson, *Stephen Yu and Emily McAteer.

*Carlisle students

Garden Club scholarship goes to Elizabeth Orlando

Joan Bero of the Carlisle Garden club presents Liz Orlando with the Debbie Wright Scholarship. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)


For a number of years, the Carlisle Garden Club has sponsored a scholarship in memory of Debbie Wright, whose mother Ann was active in the Garden Club. This scholarship is given every year to a Carlisle resident who is a high school senior or college student. This year the scholarship committee chose Elizabeth Orlando, a CCHS senior, to receive the award. Elizabeth plans to attend Sacred Heart College in Fairfield, Connecticut, this fall, where she will major in elementary education and psychology. Elizabeth is very involved with the youth of Carlisle through the Recreation Department and most recently as the stage manager for the seventh grade play.

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