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Friday, June 6, 2003


Tucked among tree-shaded homes along Acton's Main Street (Route 27) is a green dinosaur, usually wearing a hat, who looks out at passing traffic from behind a picket fence. For twenty years, that dinosaur has been a landmark at 177 Main Street to welcome kids of all ages to a vibrant, happy meeting place: the Discovery Museums. ...more

The Massachusetts State Fire Marshal and the Carlisle Fire Depart-ment offers the following tips for a safe and happy summer. ...more

If you walk in large wooded areas in Carlisle during May, you are likely to hear the ringing song of the Ovenbird, which sounds like "Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Teacher," with emphasis on the first syllable. If you are not familiar with bird songs, however, you might be confused by the call of a Tufted Titmouse, which sounds like "Peter, Peter, ...more

This past Friday evening the Arcturus Chamber Ensemble performed in a wonderful and diverse concert at the First Religious Society. The program featured works by Johannes Brahms, Arnold Schoenberg and David Salvage. ...more

Thursday morning, May 29, a well-prepared Middle School Chorus of 42 and the twelve-voice Advanced Choir presented a choral concert held in honor of Janet Gates Peckham who taught music here until 1983 when she retired and the JGP Scholarship Fund for the Visual and Performing Arts was founded by grateful parents led by Naoko Hague. ...more

On Tuesday evening, June 3, seniors and their guests were elegantly dressed for the Concord-Carlisle Senior Prom. The prom, held on the Boston Harbor cruise boat Odyssey, included dinner, dancing to live and recorded music, and good times with friends, while the boat toured among the islands and around the harbor. ...more

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