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Friday, June 6, 2003


Focus group to huddle on economic development

The second of two focus groups scheduled by the Planning Board as part of its effort to create a Community Development Plan for Carlisle has been rescheduled from June 11 to Tuesday, June 17. The following is a preliminary draft of topics which may discussed:

· What kinds of economic development would benefit the town? How?

· What are the broad goals of economic development in Carlisle?

· Job creation? Tax revenues? As a mechanism to meet other town goals.

· Should the town attempt to develop an increased tax base founded on increased economic development?

· Should the town attempt to develop town-owned operations which provide revenue to the town?

· What kinds of economic development would be relatively neutral in terms of traffic, infrastructure requirements, and other service demands?

· Are zoning changes needed to support/direct/deflect economic development?

The economic development section of a Community Development Plan examines the current economic profiles and formulates development goals and implementation strategy in light of the community's goals with regard to housing, open space, resource protection and transportation. Our town statistics indicate that at least one out of eight employed Carlisleans works out of their residences. However, like many towns close to a major metropolitan center, Carlisle increasingly functions as a bedroom community where its residents seek economic livelihood elsewhere.

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