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Friday, June 6, 2003


Sheep return to mow Towle Field

The sheep returned to Towle Field yesterday with the same assignment as last year: clear the buckthorn and other unsightly growth, avoiding the bobolink nesting area in the center of the field. Returning to mind the flock of 400 wooly mowers are shepherd David Nishida and his herding dogs.

There are two small sheep-exclusion zones at the south end of Towle Field. One of these has been set up by Middlebury College student Molly Yazwinski, who is studying the impact of sheep grazing on buckthorn regrowth for her senior thesis.

According to Conservation Admin-istrator Sylvia Willard, the sheep are scheduled for three mowing sessions this growing season, spending approximately two weeks on Towle Field and a few more days on the Spencer Brook Reservation, on the corner of South and West Streets, in June, August and sometime this fall.

As in the past two years, the Carlisle Conservation Foundation is supporting the project. The herd is owned by Sheepscapes, LLC, headed by Bill Fosher of Surry, New Hampshire.

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