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Friday, June 6, 2003


Concert Review

Thursday morning, May 29, a well-prepared Middle School Chorus of 42 and the twelve-voice Advanced Choir presented a choral concert held in honor of Janet Gates Peckham who taught music here until 1983 when she retired and the JGP Scholarship Fund for the Visual and Performing Arts was founded by grateful parents led by Naoko Hague.

Superbly trained by Megan Fitzharris, director, the choir sang three varied pieces. The soft "Arirang," skillfully accompanied by Nicola Carey on flute, was followed by a spirited Italian dance tune. The choir's diction was excellent. They finished with "Green, Green," a syncopated a cappella piece they clearly enjoyed.

The Advanced Choir under the direction of Megan Fitzharris performs at the International Café in the Corey dining room. (Photo by Mike Quayle)

The chorus then assembled smoothly and coped with the changing tempi and folk dynamics of the Russian "Kalinka." All eyes were on the conductor; accurate intonation and cut-offs were cleanly done. Fitzharris then accompanied and conducted "Durme Durme" and a wonderful closing "Peace in Twelve Languages," which intrigued the singers who may find those words coming in handy in their future travels.

Fitzharris gave a moving tribute to the legacy of Janet Peckham, still vital these twenty years later. Members of the Board of Trustees were present to enjoy this demonstration of cultural literacy in the Carlisle School's growing choral music program.

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